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How the paper towel helps in wiping down cameras to patting down the shine on the foreheads of talent on set

Johnny Domingo lives in Miami, Florida, and is the chief executive of Blue Bunny Productions, a creative media company with backgrounds in broadcast, independent film and fashion photography.

Specialising in corporate broadcast video and photography, his role at the company ranges from creative, to director and cinematographer. Here, he tells TWM his take on hybrid
products, patterns, colour and paper towels for men.

When it comes to paper products what matters the most to myself for my household and business is quality and cost.

It’s not necessarily a question of sacrificing one for the other. I do see a big advantage in always purchasing paper products in bulk. Doing this I’ve found it possible to get both quality and great value when purchasing Kirkland signature brand paper towels and bathroom tissue. This we get at bulk from our price club store Costco here in Florida.

Whether at home or taken along for production jobs we are very fortunate to find that these paper towels do a great job in all varied uses.

From simple clean-up in kitchen or household cleaning in all rooms of our home. As for on set, in production there uses are limitless.

From wiping down cameras to patting down the shine on the foreheads of talent on the set. Sure we could expand and purchase actual softer tissue but this would be against my nature our mentality of always having multi-use items at our fingertips. Be it the tools we use or our paper towels. What I would like to see would be a hybrid paper towel that combines the toughness of shop paper towels yet still would have the characteristics, softness and moisture absorbing aspects of home paper towels. This would literally be a game changer.

Furthermore, it would be nice to get patterns other than flowers and rainbows. Also colours other than white. Perhaps even lines driven more for men. Production black paper towels would be amazing! Lol.