With the fourth industrial revolution being hyped in the tissue industry, the Digital Tissue™ project aims to empower Fabio Perini’s customers, creating a network of interconnected factories where automation and data will be the key for success. Fabio Perini wants to create a new culture in the tissue industry, leading customers to the creation of intelligent, efficient Smart Factories inspired by its innovative vision.

Digital Tissue™ is Fabio Perini’s solution to implement Machines, Applications and Services strictly connected, designed as the three foundational pillars of a Smart Factory. It is the birth of a new concept of the tissue industry.

Immersive Digital Tissue™
The challenge Fabio Perini faces is to complete its existing portfolio of offers with digital elements, integrating them in the new Industry 4.0 environment with the aim of increasing customers’ performance.

A typical converting and packaging line OEE is estimated to be below 50%; increasing the performance would create benefits directly for the companies, and indirectly for the entire environment, which could benefit from the improvements of its players. In order to do so, integration between Data Analysis and Production systems will be fundamental to build an efficient organization.

Fabio Perini decided to interpret the process change needed for Industry 4.0 through the Digital Tissue™ vision.

Considering the three components of OEE, Productivity, Availability and Quality, Fabio Perini aims to offer customers an improved service by increasing the achievements of each factor:

• Productivity: the development of a Data collection and analysis system is crucial to build a database containing Fabio Perini’s global experience. The availability of Information about processes, machines and competences is the qualifying feature to lead our customers to a control system where all machines will be connected by a data flow capable to increase the production system efficiency. A self-regulated factory leaded by historical data originating from the whole set of Fabio Perini’s machines will allow a more efficient management of both the Converting and Packaging processes.

• Availability: Digital Tissue™ aims to enhance the level of Technology Availability; a robust and reliable system is more accessible at each level. The activation of a predictive maintenance system with the use of big data could improve the efficiency of the line; furthermore, global data are fundamental to create and manage dashboards in order to control Factory Ecosystems.

• Quality: Auto-regulated systems will grant a minimal variability for the final product, with huge advantages for the customers who intend to develop their production system following the Digital Tissue™ proposal.

Smart Machines
The capacity of connecting and exchanging data between different machines is crucial in the 4.0 environment: Fabio Perini answers this claim with its Smart Machines.

Each machine will be able to connect to the entire production line, allowing the formation of factory machines networks to optimize the production cycle.

A continuous data flow will be stored, analyzed and interpreted giving advantage from these interconnections.

The aim of Fabio Perini’s Smart Machines is to create data-driven factories, where automated, self-regulating machines will improve production performances, granting a higher standard of quality.

The simplification of the user-machine interface will allow an easier approach for the operators, relieve them of their responsibilities in set-up operations and reducing the variability of the processes.

Fabio Perini applied its Digital Tissue™ vision in the design process of its machines, re-engineering its core technologies to build new efficient solutions.

Smart Applications
Smart Applications are Softwares that manage the Production Line optimizing the output; no-action or limited human action is required in the managing phase, smartening the system, creating automated, self-regulating plants.

KPI gathering reports and analysing data directly derive from Machines, for an easier access to information.

Operations on the line are now smartest thanks to applications that guide operators in each phase of the process.

Smart Services
Smart Services are tools used to implement a new and more effective/efficient approach towards machine maintenance and process improvement; the newer conception of Service for Fabio Perini consists of a bigger involvement of customers, who are constantly accompanied to the best solution for them.

New tools for remote assistance aim to give independence to our customers’ operators, always counselled by our experts during operations.

Smart Factories

Fabio Perini aims to be the reference point for the upcoming industrial revolution in the Tissue market: Digital Tissue™ was designed to serve this purpose, lighting the way to the change for all the customers wanting to reach it. Data exchange between Smart Machines in the same plant will make possible a continuous, automated control on production; Smart Applications will allow the implant to be self-regulated, almost independent. A step forward, the data flow will sprawl over the walls of the plant, reaching other factories; a specific dashboard will manage the information and guide processes.

Following this issue, a network of Smart Factories will raise, facilitating communications, sharing data, optimizing processes; our customers will be able to create an efficient system in which each node will be functional to the global results. Digital Tissue™ is the tool able to help.

Fabio Perini’s customers building such ecosystems, with a continuous improvement of competencies, methods, information. A vision that aspires to become global, in which each ecosystem could stand alone, but could also contribute to the growth of the Tissue industry, sharing reports by which implement a robust, reliable system where errors, time losses, variability in products quality, will now be possible at all.

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Fabio Perini S.p.A. was born in 1966 in Lucca, Italian hub and world tissue production and converting technology center. Today, with its 5 production facilities in Italy, the United States, Brazil, Japan and China, it helps its customers stay competitive and grow thanks to complete production solutions for converting and packaging. Technology, globalization and ongoing, continuous investments in research have led the company to stand out internationally and to be acknowledged as a true excellence in the world of tissue.