Gambini's double-NIP AirMill
Gambini's double-NIP AirMill

WEPA Group has signed a contract to install Gambini’s patented heated rolls AirMill technology at a plant in Germany.

This double-NIP AirMill will be installed in WEPA’s site at Leuna and is the first time the technology has been used in the market.

Start-up is scheduled for June, 2022.

A spokesperson for Gambini said the technology gives a structured tissue-like hand feel and appearance to paper plies, and “increases its absorbency and thickness while keeping its strength”.

He said: “AirMill’s sustainable technology is built around the concept that water and heat (between 100 and 200°C) can enhance tissue paper’s physical and mechanical features, preserving its structure.

“This solution gives the paper-making process space for holistic saving, both in terms of energy and resources.

“Its main benefits are also clear in the paper-mill, where less costly fibre mix or a lower grammage is needed, without any losing on the final goods.”