Velvet Care’s Klucze plant: CO2 emissions have dropped as production quadruples
Velvet Care’s Klucze plant: CO2 emissions have dropped as production quadruples

Polish consumer tissue manufacturer Velvet Care has said it reduced its CO2 emissions and water usage per tonne of output by half since 2013, whilst quadrupling its tissue production.  

The company published its first report on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard, showing 2022 CO2 emissions of 0.347 eMgCO2 (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per tonne of tissue produced), and water usage of 6.22 cubic metres per tonne.  

The document comes three years before the deadline to begin ESG reporting under the European Union’s CSRD Directive.

From 2013 to 2022 production of tissue paper rose to 140,000 tonnes from 35,000 tonnes, while CO2 emissions per tonne of output fell 49% and water usage dropped 52%.

Velvet Care Chief Executive Artur Pielak said: “In our five-year environmental strategy, Eco Agenda 2025, we set ourselves the goal of ‘achieving more with less’, and the entire team is working hard towards this goal.  

“We prepared this report with reference to GRI, the internationally recognised reporting standard, to demonstrate that we are living up to our promise.

“We are also putting our values into practice in areas such as care for our employees and ensuring gender diversity in the leadership of our company.” 

The company’s factory in Klucze, southern Poland – for which figures were gathered for the report – has three tissue machines.  

The group operates a total of 19 converting lines that turn out toilet paper, kitchen towels and hygiene facial tissues. 

Velvet Care’s social responsibility efforts also include providing 28,000 rolls of toilet paper and paper towels for the Red Cross to distribute to refugees from the war in neighbouring Ukraine, as well as collecting funds and supporting employees’ volunteer efforts.