"A ground-breaking innovation" - Toscotec's new TT Defender

Toscotec has officially launched TT Defender after it was successfully applied on a TT SYD operating at Lucart’s Diecimo tissue mill in Italy. 

The paper machine supplier said the “ground-breaking innovation” consists of a special coating for the internal surface of the TT SYD Steel Yankee dryer for protection against corrosive steam.

Jacopo Bibbiani, Toscotec R&D Mechanical Engineer, said: “We are constantly upgrading the design of TT SYD. 

“TT Defender stems from this very logic of continuous improvement: based on the service experience we acquired in more than 20 years on over 200 TT SYD operating around the globe, this innovation is set to make the difference for many paper mills.” 

He added that in order to maintain steam parameters such as pH and conductivity within the correct range, increased monitoring and expertise has become a “best practice”: “TT Defender is Toscotec’s pioneering solution: an extremely uniform layer ensuring excellent resistance to highly corrosive conditions. 

“It prevents the risk of chemical corrosion and related problems such as mechanical abrasion, erosion, and straw pipes plugging. 

“By virtue of its extremely low thickness, TT Defender does not affect the high drying efficiency of TT SYD. 

Instead, it increases its Overall Equipment Efficiency by greatly reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance stops due to soda straw plugging or internal corrosion issues and reducing time needed for regular internal inspection.”