Toscotec’s latest innovation, the TT Hydrogen Burner
Toscotec’s latest innovation, the TT Hydrogen Burner

Toscotec has responded to customer demand with the launch of its patented TT Hydrogen Burner, its latest generation of 100% hydrogen fuelled burners designed and tested for Yankee hoods.

The supplier said it developed the system to drive the conversion of paper manufacturing to clean energy.

It said: “TT Hydrogen Burner is an in-line burner featuring precisely controlled combustion and two safe operation modes.

“In carbon-free mode it runs on 100% hydrogen; in carbon-reduction mode it is fuelled by a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, where the percentage of hydrogen is accepted across a wide range.”

The supplier also added that the TT Hydrogen Burner “entirely matches the high performance of gas-fired burners, using a carbon-free fuel”, adding that the key factor in the overall energy balance is that hydrogen fuel is produced from renewable energy sources.

Stefano Pecchia, Energy Technology Director at Toscotec, said: “Tissue producers are asking for technological innovations that will allow them to work in full hydrogen mode.

“Whether they choose to replace their existing burners or install new tissue lines, tissue producers aim to be ready for when this fuel will be widely available, cost competitive and green.

“In response to this demand, Toscotec has invested in building a dedicated air system test bench to ensure guaranteed results according to the specific operating requirements of paper mills”.