Sun Paper Group’s Nanning Park production base will start-up three new Baotuo TMs

China’s Sun Paper Group has renewed its contract for the supply of three Baotuo paper machines to be installed at its Nanning Park production base in the Guangxi region.

A year after two Baotuo paper machines were put into production at Sun Paper’s Beihai Park base, the company has again signed a contract for three additional Baotuo high-speed crescent former tissue machines to be installed at Nanning Park in the next few years.

The paper machine model is BC1800-2850 and it has a design speed of 1,800m/min and a width of 2,8m.

The investment means that 300,000tpy of household paper and converting will be added at the plant.

Sun Paper’s household paper project in Nanning is planned to be constructed in two phases, mainly including production workshops, post-processing facilities, warehousing and other production auxiliary facilities.

The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.

A spokesperson for machinery supplier Baotuo said this project will create an optimal “forest-pulp-paper integration” across the whole chain system, further enhancing Sun Paper’s household paper production capacity at its Guangxi base and increasing the share of its FMCG products in the southern market.