IMA TMC’s palletising lines include the NEST gripper head

IMA TMC has sold two palletising lines to a confidential Italian customer active in the tissue rolls market and with a strong presence across Europe.

The supplier said that one of the key factors that made the customer choose its palletising lines is the “very compact layout that IMA TMC offered” due to the NEST gripper head, which it said operates by picking product layers without any side pressure.

A spokesperson for IMA TMC said: “The lines are capable of running in Display Ready Pallet (DRP) configuration at high speed, with four-rolls packs.

“This new installation was a real challenge due to the restrictive plant size and the complexity of the layout.

“No-one in the market can offer a gripping layer head in such a small operating space as IMA TMC.”

The two lines sold are completed by the patented smart gripping head NEST.

The supplier said this technology “innovates the traditional pliers, featuring unidirectional chains and lifting products from below.

“NEST also has the advantage of having the same overall dimensions both in withdrawal and in storage with the concept ‘ZERO PRESSURE’.”

“This makes it possible to have up to 50% less space than a parallel opening gripper and to be able to create multi-line and multiproduct palletising solutions in smaller spaces.”