"The market for tissue products in Algeria is evolving rapidly", Amor Habes, Faderco’s General Manager

Algeria’s Faderco has said it recorded a 40% increase in productivity after investing in Körber-supplied Perini Constellation S6 lines complete with wrapping, bundling, and engraving solutions.

Amor Habes, Faderco’s General Manager, said: “The market for tissue products in our country is evolving rapidly.

“Our company needed not only to increase efficiency and productivity — also following the purchase of a new paper mill — but also to have a product that stood out on the shelf for its quality and eco-sustainability.

“As a strategic response, we decided to invest in Perini Constellation S6 technology, complete with wrapping, bundling, and engraving solutions equipped with the Aquabond system”.

Körber said that the machine speed of Perini Constellation S6 lines “is three times higher — up to 45 logs per min and a speed of 600m per min — and volume is increased to up to 40% with the same paper”.

Faderco was established in 1986 and now has 12 brands in seven business areas, two branches, and a 36% market share in Algeria, with average growth of 14% in the last five years.