Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

After a day of strategic insights and market trend presentations at the Senior Management Symposium, the second day of Tissue World São Paulo Conference kick-started with the Technical Session on “Raw materials and fibers: new fiber resources and fiber preparation”.

The session featured presenters from Andritz, Fibria, Contech and Kadant South América.

Eric Xu, Principal Scientist Director of Technology and Process from Andritz USA presented on “Application of BCTMP in Tissue Papers”. In his presentation, Eric introduced the latest BCTMP process technologies and showcased results from some latest investigation in applying BCTMP pulps for different tissue papers.

“One-size-fits-all pulp is not to what the market is looking for anymore,” commented the second presenter, Heloisa Ramires, Senior Researcher in Product Development from Fibria in her presentation. Noting how Fibria’s Product Development approach challenges the commodity concept, Heloisa introduced the high-tensile eucalyptus pulp, custom designed for tissue application by Fibria.

In Kadant South America’s presentation, Marcelo Machado da Silva, Sales Director of the Fiber Lines for the Brazilian Market shared successful case studies on using new fiber resources in raw material with high level of contamination.

In the last presentation in this session, Abilio Franco, Chief Operating Officer of Contech presented on “Results of chemical treatment in stock preparation – stickies control”, showcasing results obtained in the treatment of contaminants in tissue plants in Brazil that uses recycled paper.