Tissue World Magazine

OMET is exhibiting its latest converting machines for the production of folded disposable products.

Alberto Redaelli, OMET international sales manager, said: “We are pleased to be present at Tissue World São Paulo with our agent Gammerler and partner Multipack.

“We’re highlighting our complete range of converting machines for the high production of folded disposable products, whether for table napkins in paper, tissue and non-woven materials and hand-towels of high quality, in line from roll to finished stack of product.”

He said the TV503 Line includes a range of modular folding machines for napkins, dispenser napkins, place mats and special disposable products, while the GN100 Line includes the most operator friendly machines for high productions, allowing a production speed up to 700 metres per minute, with inline wrapping machine.

“The new FV Line is a high production machine for vacuum-folded napkins with automatic change of format and ply,” he added.

“Our new Chameleon digital inkjet unit is the data variable digital Printing unit for napkins.”