Voith has targeted the tissue market with the launch of its MajorSoft and MegaSoft rubber roll covers.

The products “ensure especially long-lasting and efficient operation” according to the manufacturing giant,

while an improved polymer matrix leads to reliable tissue production.

Other benefits include: roll covers have an improved multilayer structure, and the bonding force between the individual cover layers is four times as strong as with conventional rubber roll covers.

Tests over several years show that MajorSoft is very long-lasting and durable and at the same time it improves production efficiency.

MegaSoft has an innovative functional layer that consists of a special rubber polymer matrix characterised through better wear resistance and mechanical strength.

In test runs a tissue machine achieved a production speed increase of 25m/ min, dry content was 1.2% higher and total production increased by 1.3% due to MegaSoft.

Voith claims that this means a tissue manufacturer can save nearly 180,000 euros annually by using the product.