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By Matteo Giardini, Global sales director packaging, Fabio Perini

Casmatic is the Fabio Perini brand dedicated to packaging solutions that create perfect line integration. Key criteria from customers include: reliability, efficiency, super-fast format change and attention to energy savings.

Digitisation is also key for the product and our goal has been to focus on R&D that enables a complete integrated offer  for the entire tissue roll production line.

Due to Industry 4.0 and digitisation, we have been increasingly focused on concrete improvements in the line’s production efficiencies. One of the most significant results is the new bundler CMB270, a machine developed following the study of the “pain points” identified by our customers.

It has a compact design, a reduced footprint and high levels of automation to drastically reduce the format changeover times.

Driven by the All-In-One Smart Application, it is designed for easy maintenance and excellent performance.

CMB270 optimises all the features of  performance and reliability. In particular, it is characterised by an increase in production speed, reaching up to 27 bundles per minute.

In addition to the higher speed, this new bundler has several other new benefits such as in-line infeed and stratification for any type of bundle, reduced energy consumption (saving about 60% compared to the previous model), and a newly conceived operator interface designed around the operator’s needs.

Casmatic has further diversified to offer another smart machine; the CARBON T wrapper. Here we have prioritised format change automation which means an operator is no longer needed for most of the formats produced today in the tissue industry. This technical development was made in response to customers asking for lines that make their production increasingly efficient. The CARBON T guarantees format changes in a minimal changeover time for the overhead flight fingers.

On wrappers that are currently available on the market, this operation is performed with at least two operators who must intervene above the wrapper and the operation takes no less than 20 minutes.
Automation with the intelligent system installed on the CARBON T ensures an 80% time savings for the same operation, which strongly contributes to the overall efficiency of the line.

The CARBON T maintains the distinctive elements of the CASMATIC A5T and A6T models, such as top-quality folds and exceptional production efficiency.

CMB270 and CARBON T are two of the spearhead technologies in Fabio Perini’s packaging offer, with high levels of innovation and performance features due to their All-in-One Smart Application.

Further still, we have developed the MyPack integrated line that meets the demands of customers looking for top reliability and a reduced footprint.

Integrating a wrapper and a bundler together is possible only if the machines  are extremely reliable.

The reduced buffer between the two machines allows the customer to have a packaging area of only 24 metres.

Additionally, selecting the predefined options satisfies the demands of markets where price sensitivity is an important driver, without obviously penalising productivity and reliability.

This article was written for TWM’s Packaging Technical Theme by Matteo Giardini, global sales director packaging, Fabio Perini.