Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Tissue World has announced the Top 100 companies attending Tissue World Miami.

A selection of the companies already registered to attend the conference and trade show include BJ’s Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club, Brookshire Grocery Co., Bunzl, Comercial Mexicana and Costco Wholesale.

For the full list of 100 companies, visit https://www.tissueworld.com/.

Tissue World is the leading global tissue event and will be in Miami Beach on 18-21 March.

A new highlight will be the Tissue Retailers and Distributors Insight Forum (TRIF), which means the entire tissue value matrix from raw materials through to retailers and distributors will be present.

TRIF has already attracted dozens of buyers from many of the world’s top retailers, paper distributors and AfH service providers.

1,000s of tissue makers from 70-90 countries will be there to discuss tissue manufacturing operations, the historical base of Tissue World since 1993, at the Technical and Management Conferences, as well as on the Trade Show Floor featuring over 160 exhibitors.

All players in the tissue business can benefit by getting actionable insight about this largest non-food category (and third largest overall) which is a big traffic driver, and also undergoing big changes as far as the brand/private label balance.

At the same time they will get valuable information about controversial environmental issues such as wood fibre sourcing, which caused Greenpeace to attack Kimberly-Clark a few years ago, and also catalysed WWF’s attack on Asia Pulp & Paper and numerous American retailers in 2012.

Here are some of the many highlights:

  • New Innovations like NTT, ATMOS and ADT, and improved TAD Tissue Making Technology
  • The Tissue World Sustainability Summit: Sustainability, Fibres, Energy and the Environment
  • Big Brands vs Private Labels. Why is Europe so different?
  • Growing Global Trade and Imports in Tissue
  • New Products and Packaging Innovations
  • Changing Consumer Buying Habits and the Influence of E-Commerce

The purpose of the new, more complete, Tissue World is to stimulate cross-functional learning and innovation by all key players in the tissue value matrix to Grow the Category, Sustain the Planet and Create More Value

If you have not already done so, Register Today to meet your customers, suppliers, competitors and contacts.