Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

By Helen Morris

The boundaries of the tissue industry’s reach across the globe are forever being pushed forward. This edition of TWM has especially emphasised the pioneering spirit that propels the search for growth.

One man who covers more notional miles than most should he check Google Maps for his company’s reach is Magnus Groth. The new president and chief executive of SCA turns the clarity of the vision he demonstrates in our interview in MarketIssues across all continents.

The words ‘organic growth’ and ‘acquisition,’ although mentioned just once, are ever present.


Expansion is now seeing a new feature coming ever more to prominence – intercontinental trade. It has grown faster than pancontinental trade mainly on the greater logistical practicality of transporting parent rolls.

Esko Uutela tells us in Exitissues that new export-oriented capacities built in Asia, mainly in China and Indonesia, and the MENA region, particularly in Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, have been the main reason for the rapid increase.

Turkey’s İpek Kağıt went the extra mile… a few thousands, in fact, to seek out potential. It set up in Kazakhstan in 2006 with an eye to a vast market in Central Asia and Russia. Operations director Hamdi Yazıcı tells of a doubling of capacity in our Country Report.

One of the countries within its scope is Uzbekistan with a largely untapped population of 30 million.