Charlotte Lynn is a teacher from Canada working in the UK

I love travelling and have been to many parts of the world and also lived in a couple of different countries: my native Canada, and I’ve spent a couple of years teaching in South Korea and also in London. My experiences for buying products in these countries have varied but what I like to buy doesn’t change that much. I know what I’m looking for and it all comes down to the right balance of quality and price.

Regardless of where I am I use toilet paper, home tissue and purse tissue. When it comes to toilet paper I like three ply or something that looks like it will be soft and luxurious. The brand isn’t important but I believe I’m influenced by the packaging, I like an interesting design and it does sway my buying decision. When making my purchase, I always compare all the options on the shelf of the grocery store and choose the one that has the balance of quality and price.

I choose toilet roll that is middle-of-the-road, not the cheapest and not the most expensive, or in other words not the poorest quality and not usually the best. I usually buy a package of eight-16 rolls at a time.

As for tissues at home, I never buy the man size as I find them too large. I like both medium sized and large boxes but I prefer the box to have more in it as I use a lot of it, and I also think that’s better value for money. Again, like the toilet paper, I don’t like the cheapest ones that much but will buy boxes of those occasionally to use in between using the higher quality stuff. I do like the menthol or eucalyptus scented ones when I’m feeling under the weather.

I always have the small purse/pocket sized tissue packs on hand as well but I rarely buy these individually as it’s not that cost effective. I usually purchase them from the grocery or pound store where I can get a volume discount on them. The most important things are price and quality although I would like to purchase environmental products if they were reasonably priced and comfortable.

However, generally when I think of environmentally friendly products, I have a sense that they are poorer quality and more expensive.

When I travel I’m usually less fussy about my tissue purchases as I don’t usually have time to go to the mega stores where I know I can get a better selection and better value-for-money. When I’m on the road, quality and price isn’t always as key, it’s more about convenience so I usually will purchase the items that are the simplest to find.