Uniform conditioning of press felts is crucial for paper quality and machine runability, especially on high-speed tissue machines that operate above 1,500 m/min. In conventional systems, the Uhle boxes are lubricated by low pressure fan showers, which often get blocked and cause localized felt abrasion and a drop in felt performance. Thanks to a novel design, Voith’s FilmLube ensures uniform lubrication at all times.

The integrated lubrication gap conditions the felt evenly over the entire width of the machine and at the same time saves valuable fresh water due to the efficient feed system. FilmLube is also very low maintenance and helps improve operator safety. Voith has designed FilmLube so that it can be retrofitted to almost all commonly used Uhle boxes.

Benefits with FilmLube

  • Improved moisture profile
  • Smooth and even press felt conditioning over the entire felt service life
  • Water savings thanks to targeted application of lubricating water
  • Lower maintenance effort
  • Improved safety thanks to dry walkways