Russell Rickert, BuyFirst Network Chief Executive, with the RR cores at Tissue World Miami 2022

America’s BuyFirst Network has introduced its product RR cores, a concept for use in rolled paper products. 

RR cores replace the tubes with a reusable core that, according to the business, works equally as well on tubed, compressed tubed and tube free rolls.

BuyFirst Network added this has “a significant beneficial effect on the environment”.

RR cores fit on to any existing bath tissue holder that uses a spring-loaded roller axle.

The patented product – which the business said helps tissue producers reduce bulky packaging, storage, and shipping by up to 30% – has now been launched into the global tissue market.

Russell Rickert, Chief Executive at BuyFirst Network, said to TWM: “RR cores are an innovative, inexpensive and simple device that will help tissue manufacturers deliver their paper products to end-users in a cost-effective and environmentally conscience manner.

“Compressing the rolled paper tissue reduces the overall volume of products up to 30%, allowing for shipping more rolls of product with less air.

“After compressing the overall packing, the RR core brings the rolled paper tissue back to life.”