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Wausau Paper has launched
its new Green Seal certified, DublNature line of premium,
 cloth-like towel and tissue products.

It uses 100% recycled fibre on the company’s recently completed ATMOS technology-enabled paper machine at Harrodsburg, Kentucky. DublNature
 products are designed for comfort and functionality and provide
 “exceptional softness, strength, absorbency and brightness,” according to the business.

DublNature is
ade from high-quality 100% recycled fibres. It is targeted at businesses and institutions that want the
 finest quality while supporting green purchasing initiatives.

Henry C. Newell, president and chief executive, said: “This launch represents a mlestone in capitalising on a first-of-a-kind technology investment,
h largest capital investment in the history of our company.

“Like our engineering and cntruction team who delivered our Harrodsburg paper machine under
ugt, our product design, papermaking, converting and marketing teams aet be congratulated for delivering the new DublNature product family 
namch-accelerated timeline.”

Wausau Paper offers a complete line of towel, tissue, wiper, soap and 
dsesng systems.

“This launch represents a milestone in capitalising on a first-of-a-kind technology investment,” Henry C. Newell, president and chief executive at Wausau Paper