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Suzano Pulp and Paper has introduced its new EucaFluff product at Tissue World São Paulo, marking the company’s move into the hardwood fluff pulp segment.

The Brazilian market for fluff pulp – used primarily by the disposable sanitary napkin and diaper segment – is estimated at 400,000tpy.

Suzano said previously this demand has only been met by imports of traditional softwood pulp.

Its objective is to develop new applications for eucalyptus pulp, and to position itself as Brazil’s first fluff pulp supplier and the world’s first manufacturer of fluff pulp made from eucalyptus.

Following a R$30m investment, the company will start producing EucaFluff in December and aims to produce 100,000tpy and meet 25% of Brazil’s demand. Production on an industrial scale will require the adaptation of a printing and writing paper machine at a mill located in the interior region of the state of São Paulo.

According to Pöyry, annual global demand for fluff pulp should reach 6.2m tonnes per year by 2025.

Fabio Figliolino, executive manager of innovation, said the new raw material developed by the company, which will be delivered to clients in reels, maintains the high absorption capacity of softwood fluff pulp.

“It’s possible to partially substitute softwood pulp depending on the type of product and its composition.

“In the case of sanitary napkins for women, for instance, it’s possible to substitute 70% of the raw material with eucalyptus pulp. In the case of diapers, at least 30% of the material can be substituted,” he said.

Performance tests with EucaFluff involved a large client of Suzano’s in the sanitary napkin and diaper segment.

Suzano Pulp and Paper is a subsidiary of Suzano Holding and part of the Suzano Group, one of the largest vertically integrated eucalyptus forestry, pulp and paper producers in Latin America.

It operates six industrial units: Suzano, Rio Verde, Limeira and Embu in the state of São Paulo, Mucuri in the state of Bahia, and Imperatriz in the state of Maranhão.