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OMET has launched its new software developed for production control, which allows real-time connection with any OMET machine, anywhere installed in the world, for data collection and analysis.

The supplier said this allows its clients to make “a qualitative leap” due to the continuous monitoring, precision diagnostics, remote control and process optimisation.

The OMET Intelligent Plant is a system for collecting, analysing and displaying production data that allows companies to have all information about the machine’s activity every time and everywhere.

All data is stored continuously in interconnected and secure databases that can be questioned real time.

The platform is web-based, safely reachable from any device connected to the company network, and compatible with all major operating systems.

OMET has also set up an interface that displays clear and intuitive graphical information about the most important parameters useful to evaluate the machine work.

It said the development of this software “answers both to the global trend towards industry 4.0 and to the high request of this kind of data from the market”.