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Published on 21 April 2016 | Celupaper has continued to increase its South American market share after it signed for a MODULO-PLUS tissue line to be installed at its site in Papelera Nicaragua.

Supplied by Toscotec, the new line will produce high quality tissue products with a gross daily production of 65 tonnes.  It is expected to be start-up by the end of 2017.

The tissue machine is equipped with single layer headbox, one press configuration, TT SYD-3200MM, TT Milltech-MYH Monosystem Hood fed by natural gas and steam and condensate removal system.

Mario Speranza, chief executive of Celupaper, said: “With these series of investments we continue to play an important role in the South American market.

“Today, the group has already three manufacturing plants (Jose Juan Yapur, Celupaper and Papelera Nicaragua), one pulp manufacturing plant (Celulosa Alto Vale) and many distribution centers located in Santa Fe, Córdoba, Bahia Blanca and Buenos Aires employing more than 700 people.”

The line is the third order in two years: Toscotec reconfigured the existing Fourdrinier machine PM2 with the installation of the TT DOES package (Drying Optmisation for Energy Saving) which started up in 2015.

The company has also supplied a new PM3 MODULO line that will start up in May.

Celupaper is part of Grupo Vual, a South American regional player that produces high quality tissue products.