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Tissue World Americas 2012 show preview

The USD 70 bn a year global tissue business stands at the beginning of a fascinating period of development and change.

Top companies are investing huge amounts of resources and expertise into technological research balancing the need for quality product, cost efficiency and energy stewardship.

The immediate years ahead will see how well the industry responds to the challenges of a rapidly changing economic climate and ever more sophisticated customer demands.

All that global industry talent comes together in Florida on 20 to 23 March 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center for the Tissue World Americas trade show.

It is the only conference and exhibition targeted at North and South American producers, converters, distributors, traders and suppliers of soft hygiene tissue paper. TW Americas will bring together tissue business leaders from around the world in the industry’s leading event, and will offer matchless opportunities: information and opinion on the latest developments; debate on key challenges and opportunities; and a chance to review all the latest technology.

In addition to the technical and management conferences and exhibitions, Miami couldn’t be better geared up for more informal networking before and after the events. For more information, visit http://www.tissueworld.com/americas/index.php.

Below, Tissue World previews the many new and long-established companies that will be exhibiting and offering their latest input at TW Americas.


ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people.


Created in 1952 and originally named ATELIERS ALLIBE, ABK GROUP is one of the major designers and manufacturers of machines for the production of all grades of paper, from tissue and writing-printing paper to newsprint and packaging grades as well as fine paper and specialty papers (reconstituted tobacco, insulation board, decor paper). Seven companies – the very last one being ABK ITALIA set up after the acquisition of OVER MECCANICA – interact with each other to achieve ABK GROUP’s mission: cooperating with the paper mills to improve their performance through new installations or by upgrading and revamping existing production lines.

The design and manufacture of equipment such as hydraulic head boxes with dilution control system, top formers, shoe presses, film presses, coaters, hard and soft calenders, hydraulic popes, winders, hoods, infrared dryers, powerful automation and process control systems, are done in the most efficient and innovative way. ABK GROUP’s capacity to offer its customers the very best technology and services available is sustained by highly qualified engineers and by most the modern machining facilities and perfectly equipped foundry. This renders the company entirely independent from third parties for the casting of all parts especially drying cylinders and big size Yankees. More information on www.abkmachinery.com


As a world leading manufacturer of aeration equipment and systems Aeration Industries International (AII) solves a variety of water and wastewater treatment problems using state-of-theart technology and more than thirty years of worldwide field experience. The company’s product line includes customised oxidation ovals, package plants, surface aerators, mixers and DAF systems to meet the strictest NPDES permits.

Aeration Industries has successfully solved problems in a wide variety of applications including: industrial and municipal sewage and wastewater treatment; the restoration of lakes, rivers, harbors and water quality management in aquaculture to help provide a valuable protein source to feed the world’s growing population. It has installations throughout the United States and in more than 92 countries around the world.


AMEC offers ‘one point of contact’ service to large businesses and enterprise as ably as it provides localised services to smaller operations. Its objective is to build partnerships with its clients to help them improve operations, reduce their environmental liabilities and enhance their ability to operate in the marketplace. Its cost-effective solutions will add value to the bottom line.


Andritz Pulp & Paper is a global market leader in the supply of advanced production systems from the woodyard to paper finishing. Andritz provides a complete paper mill solution with the PrimeLine™, PrimeLineTAD and PrimeLine COMPACT tissue machine concepts.

The PrimeLine COMPACT tissue machine concept is a complete tissue making system from stock preparation to the parent roll of a standardised design which allows lower investment costs compared to customised solutions.

The Andritz PrimeDry Steel Yankee and ReEvaporation system allow a reduction in energy costs of up to 30% in the drying steam consumption.

With the Andritz PrimeDry head insulation for all Yankee dryers, energy savings of 2 to 5% in steam consumption can be achieved. Andritz has also developed a unique patent pending PrimeDustEx W wet dust removal system to substantially improve the machine’s runnability by decreasing the dust accumulation and the potential of fire hazards in the dry end.

Andritz Pulp & Paper is also a leading global supplier of systems and equipment for fibre lines for all paper making processes, including recycled fibre processing, stock preparation, approach systems, broke handling, sludge and reject handling, and internal water loop handling. The latest Andritz technologies will be presented at Tissue World Americas 2012.


Anhui Jingcheng Paper Products Co. Ltd was established in 2009 and is located at the Hefei Economic and Recycling Zone in China, and it employs 380 staff. Its focus is on producing virgin daily tissue, medical packing tissue and other relevant tissue products, and the total output of the company is 36000 tonnes.

It is certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 18000:1999, ISO 14000:1999, and CE.


engineering, design, sales, service and manufacturing firm producing custom and semicustom material handling solutions and remains committed to its heritage of innovation and customer service. This heritage coupled with the robust nature of its products and outstanding product support are the reasons why every day there are more Appleton Mfg. Division machines cutting cores throughout the world than any other manufacturer. Visit the company’s product pages for the latest on new developments. If you have a need for core cutting and handling equipment, showering or material handling that the company doesn’t offer, or if you have a converting challenge that requires specialised machinery, send the company an e-mail describing the application and it will work with you to meet that need. When you work with Appleton Mfg. Division, you are working with a fully integrated engineering, design and sales service, and a manufacturing company that is responsive to your needs.


Ashland Water Technologies will showcase its latest innovations at Tissue World Americas 2012. Crepetrol™ creping aids are a range of products that offer superior Yankee protection and creping performance that eases the process for tissue makers to manage final product properties, thus meeting customer and end-consumer needs while maximising production and reducing cost. Dimension™ converting additives deliver new properties to Ashland’s converting platform, which comprises a range of value-adding converting lotions designed to provide softness and functionality. Ashland’s team of experts will also be available to discuss how superior boiler treatment products can improve efficiency and energy usage on Yankee cylinders. This area is often overlooked as a cause of problems on a tissue machine, but the operation of the yankee cylinder is critically impacted by the condition of the internal surfaces and the cleanliness of the straws, which remove condensate.


Its product range includes paper and cardboard to produce core made from recycled recovered paper.

Maximum product quality is guaranteed by a careful selection process, innovative technological solutions, personnel with excellent experience and a cutting edge test laboratory equipped with a treatment system that meets the Italian Aticelca standards.

The range includes five product types: cardboard laminated with polymers, grey/grey and white/white core board, “Kraft-Use” cardboard, honeycomb and fluting paper made up in reel or bands.


Automatic Handling is the No. 1 American supplier for tissue roll, shaft and core handling systems as well as roll wrapping systems.


Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. specialises in manufacturing tissue converting machinery such as fully automatic toilet/kitchen towels, rewinding lines, automatic facial tissue folder production lines, rewinders, facial tissue folder machinery, slitting and rewinder machinery, mini hanky machinery and more.


Brunnschweiler is a leading supplier of the most advanced drying and ventilation techniques for the paper, tissue board and pulp manufacturing industry, offering a personlised service from project’s definition to performance test. The company built the High Velocity Hoods for the state of the art Yankee machines, including cogénération systems.

Its Dust Removal Systems reduce dust levels significantly from the paper surface and the environment, improving the converting capacity and working conditions as well as reducing fire risks.


BTG has been a supplier to the P&P industry since 1921, and it has a world spanning distribution network. At Tissue World Miami 2012, it will be showing its new integrated tissue concept: Total Tissue Capability – a comprehensive package of equipment, specialist know-how and consumables – all geared to optimising the tissue operation; its range of High-performance Duroblade® creping doctors; and its unique CBCTM (Creping Blade Control) creping blade holder.


Buckman offers tissue manufacturers worldwide an unmatched combination of new technology, application and technical expertise. Its experienced associates help companies innovate, improve quality, and capitalise on new opportunities.

Exciting new technologies include Buckman’s SELECTsm Yankee dryer adhesive system. This package provides coating optimisation never before achievable with other Yankee dryer packages. SELECT uses a combination of a robust hybrid adhesive in combination with a soft re-wettable coating to allow the tissue manufacturer to optimise pressure roll attachment and coating adhesion levels independently.

Buckman® 691 softening technology gives tissue manufacturers access to a lotion-like feel via a product that can be applied into the manufacturing wet end instead of converting.

Maximyze™ 2535 and 2523S are recently developed enzymatic products which were created specifically to condition virgin softwood and recycled fibre. This treatment can improve bonding strength, tensile, softness, and bulk as well as reduce energy usage.

Buckman’s innovative creping technology for TAD, ATMOS and other structured tissue technologies results in better quality and productivity for its customers.

Visit the company at Booth 550 in the exhibition hall for more information on how these new products can help improve your creping process.


At Bretting Manufacturing, best total value solutions are the goal. With a company-wide lean journey in progress, it is focusing on excellence in the way it does business. Lean is present in everything it does. It has also been ISO 9001:2008 certified from Det Norske Veritas Certification, Inc. By achieving this certification, the company demonstrates its commitment to quality for the design, manufacturing and services of converting equipment, contract machining services and specialty equipment. Its innovative equipment provides the flexibility and durability required to meet converting needs. Its product line is diverse; with a recent acquisition of S&S Specialty Systems it now has solutions to fit most converting applications, with custom equipment available, if needed. Its tissue, towel, non-woven, and other specialty substrate converting equipment will provide the flexibility and durability required to satisfy market requirements. It continues to expand its product line and now manufactures polywrapping equipment at its facility and has trained field service personnel to assist customers with installation, integration and training. Research and development efforts also continue to enhance its product line. As a world class manufacturer it believes in one thing – delivering as promised and earning the right to be the customer’s choice.


Cellwood Machinery will showcase its successful KRIMA and GRUBBENS brands. The KRIMA line includes the market leading dispersing system designed to handle today’s contaminants found in recycled paper. It offers proven performance and reliability as well as numerous advantages including high efficiency and low power demand.

The GRUBBENS line with the well known pulpers, for both under machine and bale installations, gives unparalleled reliability and energy savings.


Clouth Sprenger LLC supplies the latest and leading technology in ceramic creping blades for use in the manufacture of all tissue grades. The Clouth Sprenger Ceradia range of creping blades is designed to provide the ideal cost/performance ratio of any advanced ceramic creping blade and has proven to be the most reliable solution for many of the world’s leading tissue producers.

Ceradia creping blades have become a key component in many of the highest specification tissue products manufactured today, addressing traditional concerns around creping blade durability and effective blade lifetime whilst enabling the finished product to achieve outstanding bulk and softness qualities within the product ranges produced.

The highly professional and experienced Clouth Sprenger team of tissue industry professionals ensures that ceramic creping blade products are specified accurately and appropriately to the tissue maker’s grade specific requirements, with appropriate consideration to tissue machine conditions and other on-machine parameters and the tissue makers’ objectives.

Clouth Sprenger Ceradia creping blades: a new solution for modern tissue manufacturers. Raising your quality; meeting your expectations to exceed your customer’s expectations.

COMER S.p.A. BOOTH: 1190

Comer S.p.A has spent years developing a “seamless concept for tissue plants” and it is now one of a few companies worldwide able to provide first class technology for turn-key tissue plant projects.

Engineering and manufacturing resources have been implemented to design and combine together the well-known MDT Deinking Technology and the new CT Crescent – Former family tissue machines.

The CTM-12 and CTM-15 CF tissue machine family combine the Cyberflow hydraulic multilayers headbox, the CyberFomer crescent former and the CyberDrySteel-Sheel Yankee, which are designed to suit the most critical quality and production requirements.

The advantages of the CTM tissue machine family are: minimal footprint and low energy consumption; efficiency of engineering and manufacturing processes; fast pace engineering and installation; timeless solutions easy to upgrade with modular design; excellence at competitive price.


Convermat is a world-leading supplier of parent rolls of tissues, napkins, towels, wipers, air laid and other specialty paper grades. Founded in 1976, Convermat is active in more than 80 countries around the world with major market share in US, Canada, Mexico and a number of growing and merging international markets. The close partnership that Convermat maintains with mills and independent converters provides its customers with the strongest sense of security for their long-term requirements.

BOOTH: 890

Cristini is proud to showcase its Diagnostic Instrumentation line at Tissue World 2012, featuring its online PermFlowDUOFIX™. The PermFlowDUOFIX™ provides real-time data (directly to the DCS/QCS) to improve paper quality and to reduce energy consumption, through the accurate monitoring of water permeability, moisture and temperature of the press fabrics. Eliminate efficiency and energy losses caused from long press felt break in time by controlling press felt moisture and permeability content immediately to set optimal start up conditions. Profiles can be corrected accurately by knowing exactly where felts are clogged or carrying more water. This revolutionary technology is an invaluable tool for any tissue maker as its gives real time measurements on the critical felt position.

Cristini continues to be one of the world’s most innovative clothing producers, it offer endless and pin seam press felts as well as forming fabrics designed for all tissue machines. AquaComb™ is a new compound press fabric, especially developed for fast tissue machines. The advanced cap layer provides excellent pick-up and reduces re-wetting. The unique construction allows for an “inverted cone” fluids dynamic, for optimal dewatering.


CVN-Vooner Paper Machinery is a manufacturer of vacuum de-watering systems used in tissue and paper mills. Its products include vacuum boxes, showers, conical ported single stage liquid ring vacuum pump packages through 14,000 ACFM capacity with a complete array of accessories (V-belt or direct gear drives, inlet separators, discharge separators/silencers, unloader pumps, closed loop or once through seal water systems). Vooner also produces water strainers to remove fibres for recycling white water to showers and vacuum pumps.

Vooner has the engineering verification of VARIABLE SPEED VACUUM PUMP SYSTEMS for minimising consumed power for liquid ring vacuum pumps for dewatering fabrics.

As paper machines are running faster and mills change grades, the size of dewatering equipment may be too small. CVN-Vooner can evaluate potential small sizing and recommend multiple improvements for the future. It can also provide complete on-site energy audits for vacuum systems. CVN-Vooner offers comprehensive rebuilding and repair programmes for all brands of vacuum pumps and shower actuators/oscillators.

Years of experience and many custom designs enable its CVN-Vooner team to evaluate mill equipment, apply new production goals and recommend new equipment with fast return on investment. It is committed to growth and service to the paper industry family throughout the world.


The Double E Company has engineered a brand new reel spool that uses a proprietary carbon fibre and aluminum construction to yield an unmatched strength to weight ratio at a low cost. The HCRS-2000 reel spool shaft allows increased critical speeds and the ability to run heavier rolls without increasing core diameter. Load capacity is equal or greater than steel so plants can wind larger rolls while keeping hoisting requirements the same. Double E also offers core plugs, including the lightweight CP-2000 and the two-piece, expanding MCP-2000 which actually grips the ID of the core when the activating shaft is inserted. Double E is also the exclusive distributor of Mario Cotta slitting products in the Americas. Various knife holders and positioning systems are available. Carbon fibre rollers and hybrid composite cores are also part of Double E’s product offering, as well as other roll and core handling equipment.


Edson Packaging Machinery is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Edson was established in 1962 to build a machine that would help pack cartons of cereal into a corrugate case. Since then, it has manufactured machines that operate on six continents and that handle a wide range of items from pharmaceuticals to food to hygiene products.

Edson is well established in five main packaging segments: Tissue/Towel; Homecare & related products; Personal Care (OTC pharma & nutraceuticals, etc); Electronic Media (DVD, video); medium speed dry goods (general cartoned products).

As its client’s technical and maintenance resources become more constrained, Edson can provide ‘near new’ performance to older machines, either built by Edson or by others. With its vast knowledge, and a library of new pre-engineered retrofit modules, it can provide effective, economical solutions to upgrading existing equipment. This opportunity increases the options for its customer’s looking to increase efficiencies in their processes.

Edson’s skill at integrating mechatronic components and assemblies, developing high performance production systems and its ability to manage complex projects uniquely positions it to undertake non-traditional projects outside of packaging and general automation.

It invites you to visit its website to further discover Edson’s capabilities. www.edson.com


Elettric80 is a global provider of end of-line automation solutions which increase the operational profitability and efficiency – put simply, its technology helps companies cut costs and move products out of their plant in a fast and efficient manner. Its proposition is based on Freeway® – a highly flexible material handling system which uses palletising robot, Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), high-speed stretch wrappers (Silkworm) and a pallet control system. The entire process is managed centrally by a state-of-the –art Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Emtec is a producer of measuring equipment for the tissue, paper and chemical industry.

For the first time, the TSA – Tissue Softness Analyzer allows an objective determination of the softness of tissue. As of shortly there has not been any satisfying softness measuring method at all.

The TSA can assess all critical individual parameters that affect the felt softness and provides a softness number that correlates very well with the human hand-feel panel.


Enerquin Air Innovations in Yankee Hood technology and process air systems continue to draw the attention of tissue makers from all over the world. With a new generation of custom-built Yankee Hood and Process Air Systems, Enerquin Air’s latest products offerings are built on the expertise of over 700 professional industry audits and analyses. At Enerquin Air, it provides tissue makers with intergrated expertise in design, fabrication, installation and service and combine it with its unparalleled quality assurance programme. With a team built on the foundation of commitment, know-how and experience, it guarantees you optimal results in drying, energy, quality and reliability.


Enzymatic Deinking Technologies (EDT) is advancing the cutting edge of fibre modification technology using a natural enzymatic fibrillation mechanism now available to tissue producers. Refinase® products enable mills to improve fibre strength in tissue, towel, napkin and facial grades which allows for significant fibre savings through reduced basis weight, fibre substitution and reduced use of other approaches to develop strength. In many cases, Refinase® is showing the ability to reduce or eliminate refining which can translate into substantial process efficiency improvements including materially reduced energy usage and bulkier, softer sheets. Refinase® products have allowed mills to increase production, increase quality and pursue multiple strategies to reduce energy through increased drying efficiency or reduced refining energy.

Enzymatic fibre modification improves hydrogen bonding of fibres through natural enzymatic fibre cleaning and fibrillation vs. the traditional fibrillation and associated fibre damage that can occur with mechanical refining.

Using less energy to refine and dry is a greener way to make a higher quality tissue; it’s a win-win that has benefits far beyond the walls of the tissue mill. In addition to the green benefits, the total economic benefits associated with Refinase® result in some of the most exciting profit improvement options found in the industry today.


Firefly Tissue Solutions® optimise safety in tissue mills with a unique range of products designed to protect the tissue machine and the converting process from fire and explosions. Firefly provides designed systems adapted to each process with technologically advanced detectors that indicate hot particles, sparks and flames, combined with water mist and water spray extinguishing, as well as other suppression methods, such as CO2. As the world’s leading supplier of fire protection systems to the tissue industry, Firefly will show the unique features of the WebScan® at Tissue World Miami, in March 2012. The WebScan® detectors used in the system are especially designed to indicate hot spots, glows, and sparks from 250°C (480°F) on the tissue sheet. As each detector in the system is addressable separately, the system can provide the location of the ignition source along the width of the sheet.


Flexlink offers production logistics systems for the paper converting industry based on its patented dynamic flow concept. Combining 25 years of experience in turn-key and engineering project, with its standard range of products of conveyor systems, elevators, manipulation equipment, high capacity combiners, diverters and balancers and state of the art controls and data collection system, makes it a reliable partner for paper converting investments. Flexlink’s equipment and systems are well proven to handle tissue roll, cores, packs, bundles and cases. Also including napkins, hankies, facial tissue, wipes, diapers and similar non-woven hygiene products.

BOOTH: 580

FoShan NanHai Foshan Baotuo Paper Machinery Engineering Co. Ltd is a Sino-Japan joint venture specialising in the research, development, manufacture and sale of high-speed household paper making equipment.

The company’s leading product – SF Suction Former Yankee paper machine – is well known for its high efficiency and low power consumption. The special machine design can ensure it can adopt various materials, which can maximum the efficiency of the equipment and also minimise the production consumption.

The company insists on “Take science and technology as treasure, keep developing for innovation”.

BOOTH: 575

Dechangyu Paper machinery manufacturer Co., Ltd is one of the leading and earliest manufacturers for all kinds of tissue converting equipments in China. The company was established in 1987 and now employs 300-350 staff. It offers machines for various tissue products such as toilet roll, kitchen towel, facial tissue, hand towel, table napkin and handkerchief, Jumbo roll slitting rewinder, Core machine, Nonwovens processing machine and their auxiliary packing equipments.


Futura Magazine is the new online magazine of Futura.

Here, clients, partners and team members can share their common passion for tissue and more. It is also an open digital magazine where trends, culture, entertainment, technologies and innovative solutions can take their place, thanks to portraits, video interviews, stories and multimedia. A special space is dedicated to music through the 24h Futura Radio.

More contents, news and developments will appear in 2012, with a new format and new digital surprises!


Gambini manufactures tissue converting lines and equipment for the production of toilet paper, kitchen towels and AFH products. The latest innovation produced by Gambini is the revolutionary TOUCHMAX, the safest and most versatile embosser, a real Marketing machine which allows to switch among 6 different products with a few clicks via HMI.

Starting from the basic line Lite 450 to the Top 700, the different demands of the market are efficiently solved, with special attention paid to high quality, state of the art and competitive converting machinery, it offers the latest technology together with maximum flexibility.


GB Embossing is a supplier of engraved embossing rolls and related converting equipment. GB provides in house pattern development services. On display will be samples of engraved patterns and converting equipment.


Svecom – P.E and Goldenrod Corp. design and manufacture expanding shafts and chucks for all winding and unwinding applications including reel spools, shafts pullers, lifting tables, and wrapping machines.

They produce all size shafts with multiple external bladders, lugs, leaves, featuring high speed centering ledges, differential shafts, core plugs, mechanical, pneum-machanical core chucks, safety chucks and can offer the widest variety of shafts and chucks in the world.

BOOTH: 770

A professional paper product manufacturer from China, the company mainly produces hand folder towels, hand rolled towels, jumbo rolls and napkins from recycle material, sugar cane and virgin pulp material. It can follow customer requirement to make the item suitable for individual markets. Its door is always opened for a visit.


Tissue manufacturers looking to improve efficiency and product quality must see H.B. Fuller’s latest wave of innovative high-performance adhesives. Transfer adhesives with high tack and excellent release that run clean. Tail ties for all applicators that provide increase penetration & wet tack on all grades, including TAD paper. Laminating adhesives that provide excellent bonds, great mileage, and increased line speeds resulting in lower cost per case. Address ply-mismatch complaints or solve unique laminating challenges with our innovative PlyABLE™ foam laminating system.


Heino Ilsemann offers complete packaging solutions for the tissue industry, from napkin wrapping machines, cartoners, bundlers and case packers up to palletising systems and automation systems. Its product range of napkin wrappers comprises compact low-speed mechanical machines as well as high speed full servo driven versions. Combining the latest servo and kinematic technology allows for quick format change and assures excellent packing quality for various format sizes.


Henkel is a global innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of technologically sophisticated and market-focused adhesives systems for the tissue and towel market. With adhesives developed for transfer, corewinding, tail seal, laminating, and case sealing, Henkel offers a comprehensive range of products known around the world for precision, reliability, and efficiency. Henkel brings a host of new developments and advantages to businesses to improve products and processes.


Hinnli Co. Ltd. is located in Taiwan and has become the leading manufacturer, exporter, turnkey project provider and system integrator focusing in paper converting, industrial machineries. In addition to single-unit machines and relevant components and parts, the company also specialises in supplying whole-plant projects to customers. It provides extensive experience and knowledge by supplying the highest quality of machineries. The company achieved an outstanding position in the market by fully understanding the importance of achieving consumer satisfaction. Hinnli Co. Ltd. strives to provide convenient condition and opportunities for the success of its clients with the best machineries.


HST Handling System Technology S.r.l. is a Company that can provide a wide range of handling solutions in the paper mill.

HST’s product range includes: rotating arm wrappers, also integrated by tilting device, conveyor belts for reels, for stock preparation and all the automation needed in order to provide a fully automatic system. For expandible shafts management, HST can also provide in-line and off-line cantilever extractors, lifting cradles, extractors for rewinding machine and cutting machine for cardboard cores.


Idea enters the market with twenty years of technical and mechanical experience and has a clear and open view towards the future. With innovative solutions and with the direct involvement of its customers in the development of new machinery, Idea is great for customers looking to modernise and increase their production. Whether large or small, customers can look to IDEA PCM to better address the challenges that the new global market presents.


IKS Klingelnberg is a globally operating group of companies which manufacture machine knives and machine elements for the paper, wood, metal, plastics, rubber and recycling industry.

The company was founded in 1863 and the production of machine knives was started in 1908. The registered office of the group, which cultivates worldwide business relations, is located in Remscheid. The group operates production sites in Germany, Austria, Finland and China.

The distribution of products is effected by sales representatives, affiliates, joint venture partners and agencies. Long and round machine knives for all existing cutting systems and almost all materials are manufactured and sold.

Continuous research regarding the further development of materials and production processes as well as decades of experience have made IKS Klingelnberg a global player and one of the greatest knife specialists.

For the Tissue Industry the company supplies: Log saw blades, lubrication systems, lubricant, grinding stones, perforation and anvil blades, packaging blades and slitters. It also offers best practices and technical seminars.


Established in 1924 and now leader in recycled coreboard for tissue rolls, Industria Cartaria Pieretti (icP) is headquartered in Lucca. The company’s strength is its readiness and customer satisfaction is its main asset. It produces paper for many other industrial applications: tubes, corrugated board, cells and edge-corners. Its core business is helped by an R&D department, CoreLab, which supports innovation in the tissue field.The company shares the values of personal and environmental safety, making it a point in its policy. It has a global revenue of more than €40m, more than a hundred employees, and exports all over the world to 58 countries. Website: www.pieretti.it

BOOTH: 400

International Knife and Saw, Inc is an Americanowned company manufacturing the world’s finest log saw and perforator blades from its 110,000 sq ft facility in Florence, South Carolina. Its portfolio of products for tissue and paper converting include log saws, perforator blades, tissue bands, slitter knives, core saws, wrapper knives, fly and bed cut off knives, lubrication spray delivery systems, lubricants, CBN grinding wheels, technical service and operator training. Manufacturing and distribution centers are also located Mexico, Canada, Spain and Korea.


Optical in-line inspection systems guarantee 100% surface inspection and process control for all standard production widths, process speeds, optical characteristics, and production and process steps of: Reliable detection of errors not visible to the human eye at feed speeds of up to 1,500 m/min Integrated, in-line web inspection systems find, dependably analyze and classify defects. Detailed defect logging (size and position) as well as statistical evaluation is fundamental for correction later in the process cycles. All systems are based on a basic concept that can be customer adapted with almost infinite flexibility.


JBT Corporation has developed an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) for tissue warehousing applications. The vehicle is designed to store and retrieve tissue rolls as large as 120” (305 cm) in diameter by 110” (280 cm) high and weighing up to 5,500 lbs (2,270 kg) for a fully automated, lights out warehousing environment. The vehicle accurately stacks and unstacks rolls two or more levels high using precise laser navigation. Laser navigation is also very flexible allowing the vehicle to quickly respond to changes in the warehouse layout. The vehicle uses non-contact obstacle detection sensors which bring the vehicle to a safe stop before contacting anything in its path such as pedestrians or other mobile vehicles. The clamp mechanism tips the roll so that it can be picked up or set down from the bilge or vertically. The precisely controlled movements of the vehicle and clamp have eliminated roll damage and greatly enhanced safety. When combined in a system, vehicles communicate via a wireless RF network to warehouse management system (WMS) software to accept new storage/retrieval tasks and report on completed tasks. This AGV allows customers to automate existing warehouse facilities without making major changes. For more information, please contact JBT Corporation, www.jbtc-agv.com, 215-822-4600.


Jedson is a full service engineering, procurement and construction management company with over 24 years of experience providing quality, competitive service. Jedson provides expert guidance to help clients obtain optimum balance between investment, reliability, utilization, operating costs, and maintenance costs. Its staff, customer base, and engineering and construction alliances strengthen our ability to offer engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to its clients.


For more than a century, Kadant has been delivering smart and efficient solutions to tissue producers. As a global leader in fibre processing, showering and filtration systems, doctoring, and drying systems, its products and technologies are used to improve productivity and enhance energy utilization.

Many suppliers have made a commitment to the international marketplace, but few have taken that commitment as far as Kadant. Its global presence means you can count on Kadant’s application expertise and advanced technologies to help solve your manufacturing challenges no matter where you are. And to assure product and service availability wherever it’s needed, Kadant has established operations in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America for a quick response to your needs.

Kadant is proud to be able to offer its customers products and technologies that help reduce energy consumption, improve water management, and enhance efficiencies for long-term sustainability. Its approach is to know its customers, understand their process, and use its specialised expertise to deliver the right solutions. Visit us to learn more at https://www.kadant.com/en/


Founded in 1970, Kapp-Chemie is a medium-sized and independent company. It employs 100 staff to develop, produce and distribute special products for the paper and textile industries. Paper activities are focused on tissue converting. KAPPAFLEX flexographic printing inks and KAPPASIL glues including coloured laminating glues are highly esteemed by the European tissue industry. Modular lotion systems and special chemicals for tissue manufacturing complete the product range.


KBR is headquartered in Houston, Texas, also known as the energy capital of the world. The company employs over 35,000 people worldwide in locations that include the U.S., Australia, Africa, the U.K., Asia and the Middle East. KBR delivers a wide range of services through its Downstream; Gas MonetiSation; Infrastructure and Minerals; International Government, Defense and Support Services; North American Government and Logistics; Oil and Gas; Power and Industrial; Services; Technology; and Ventures business segments, and differentiates itself as a technologydriven engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company.

KBR has built a proud history and a leading market position in the government and infrastructure sectors by being a low-cost, high-efficiency and absolutely reliable service provider. Not only is KBR the largest contractor for the United States Army and a top-ten contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, it is currently the world’s largest defense services provider.

KBR is also an industry leader in transforming hydrocarbon resources into value across all sectors of the energy and chemicals industries. By designing and constructing energy and petrochemical projects that offer the latest and best process and design technologies, it has established a solid position as a partner to oil and gas operators in meeting the ever-increasing demand for energy.


You can’t make tissue without water and at Kemira, the company knows both. Built on its expertise in water quality and quantity management (WQQM) and fibre chemistry, the company offers a complete product portfolio designed to provide value for customers.

Kemira focuses on addressing the needs of the tissue customer by taking a grade specific process optimisation approach. Its solutions not only improve customers’ tissue quality attributes and process efficiency, but also help make better use of water, energy and fibres.

It provides solutions for wet-end optimisation including dry strength enhancement, bath and towel function promoters, permanents and temporary wet strength, as well as retention and draining and water management. Fennopol® FP functional promoter and Fennobond® dry strength are unique wet-end technologies designed specifically for bath tissue grades with varying furnish types.

Kemira also offers tissue specialty solutions for creping and improved sheet softness and caliper. Its process additives include Kemira Flyto for monitoring hydrophobic material for effective stickies and pitch control. It offers online biofilm monitoring, green biofilm control, foam control and dearation and wire and felt cleaning. Its Fennosurf line of products is effective for deinking and fibre management.


For over 55 years, Langen Packaging Group has supplied reliable and robust packaging machinery and systems for cartoning, case packing and palletising. Its customers include most of the household names in the tissue, consumer products, food and personal care sectors. They buy its equipment because it works – and they keep coming back because it works well.

With facial tissue cartoner installations worldwide, Langen has the experience and proven success to enable its client’s success. It offers a wide variety of cartoners ranging from low speed manual to high speed high volume that are capable of over 400 cartons per minute.

High performance Langen cartoners are designed to reduce the overall cost of ownership by improving line efficiency, reliability and cartoner availability. Its high efficiency cartoners feature quick change-over, carton pre-break and optional five head rotary carton feeder. The five-head rotary carton feeder increases production capacity and improves packaging efficiencies by utilising the company’s patented carton pre-break system. Contact Langen Packaging Group at www.langengroup.com to see how it can help.


Layne Christensen offers food and beverage producers advanced performance solutions for wastewater treatment and water re-use. The Layne Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treats process wastewater for removal of BOD, COD and TSS at high load rates. The MBR is highly resistant to chemicals with a pH range of 0- 14 and has the highest rated temperature for cleaning processes. New systems and retrofits are available, and the Layne MBR comes with a warranty unmatched in the industry.

For water re-use, Layne’s RO and UF systems are engineered for optimal filtration, power consumption and operating costs, producing water fit for boiler feed, cooling tower feed, washdowns and other non-contact applications.

All Layne water treatment systems are highly efficient and help to reduce water supply costs, energy costs and water surcharges.


Lincoln County Port Authority in Libby, MT is a private company categorised under Community Development Groups. Our records show it was established in 2004 and incorporated in Montana. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $158,000 and employs a staff of approximately 3.


Little Rapids Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets products that promote safety and sanitation within medical and beauty settings, and specialty papers for a variety of end-use applications.


Lucca Promos, the international branch of the Chamber of Commerce- Lucca (Italy), is a reference point for enterprises that want to go international. Its services concern promotion, development, assistance and consulting.

It provides backing for the process of internationalisation, attending firms as an institutional and technical representative in relationship with regional, national and international structures.

Lucca Promos develops permanent observation on international markets and research of business partners and organises international exhibitions, B2B events, seminars and business meetings in Lucca and abroad with selected foreign partners.


Manufacture converting machines for toilet paper rolls, hand towels and kitchen towels. Full production line including rewinders, log cutters and core winders. Napkin folding and printing machines. Nonwovens converting machines for rolls, Z and C folders and cutters. Wet wipes converting machines.


MTORRES is a group of companies dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of systems for industrial processes automation and solutions for the energy and environmental sector. In its thirty years of existence the group has maintained sustained development, so that today it is one of the leading international groups in the markets where it operates.

This expansion, which constitutes one of the most significant company developments seen in Spain in the last decades, is based on its own technology and the company policy of dedication to work and reinvestment in order to guarantee its progress in the future.

Commitment to total quality, based on improvement and efficiency both in products and service, has met with the explicit recognition of its customers, which include some of the most prestigious and demanding companies in the market.


Through the accumulation of knowledge and continuous improvement steps taken over decades, Metso has developed standardised tissue making lines, incorporating modular design, which are now benchmarks in the industry. This strategy allows quicker building, testing, delivery and installation of lines, as well as facilitation of machine upgrades at a later stage. Metso’s innovative approach now covers its three leading-edge tissue lines: Advantage™ DCT® Technology, Advantage™ NTT® Technology and Advantage™ ThruAir® TAD Technology.

These advanced tissue making technologies allow mills to vary the parameters of bulk, softness, absorbency and strength, in the same machine, to provide the desired quality of tissue. More importantly, high tissue quality can be maintained at lower fibre content.

Metso can make further contributions to production optimisation because it takes the complete mill design into account, from raw material intake to reeled product. It has made processing a closed loop where water derived from tissue sheet is returned to stock preparation; where all components are dimensioned to minimise the use of energy and water.

Metso exists to advance tissue making for the long-term success of its customers. To achieve this, it is committed to being best in the market when it comes to developing unique innovations and providing total solutions that meet or exceed expectations.


Distributor of industrial MRO (maintenance, repair and operation replacement) parts.


Multipack has been active in different sectors since the seventies and certified ISO 9001. The company has experience in high quality design of end-line automatic packaging machines. In the tissue business Multipack can meet the most various productive needs in terms of dimension and speed. The NK range of machines can pack paper napkins, paper towels, paper towels, paper handkerchiefs, paper place-mats up to 90packs/minute


Nalco Company invites you to stop by its #1050 booth to learn about its newest technologies, which address some of the most challenging aspects of the tissue and towel market. With an 80-year track record, Nalco is the world’s leading process and water treatment solutions provider. It serves nearly 50,000 customer locations in 150 countries across all industries where water, energy and efficiency are of primary importance. Its solutions provide improved environmental performance and reduced operating costs, an environmental return on investment, or eROI. Its focus on innovation consistently brings new technology to the pulp, paper and tissue industry, securing dozens of new patents each year.

Its expertise in the tissue industry helps its customers improve sheet quality, reduce fibre, energy, and costs, and increase machine production. One innovation it will showcase at Tissue World 2012 is the Nalco Crepe Analysis Toolbox (NCAT). Despite the importance of crepe frequency to product quality and machine runnability, no industry standard of measurement exists and the current approach is prone to large variability. NCAT automates the analysis of digital crepe images and provides higher levels of statistical information. It will perform live NCAT demonstrations at its booth, so please bring your own tissue samples for analysis.

BOOTH: 570

Nanning Elite Tissue Converting Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is located in Xi Xiangtang area of Nanning, Guangxi province. It specialises in the production of tissue paper converting and tissue-making equipments. Elite was formed in 2002 and it now has the Nanning tissue converting machinery factory and a papermaking factory in Sichuan. The Nanning factory’s main products are napkin paper machine, handkerchief paper machine, toilet roll paper machine, kitchen paper machine, box packing facial tissue machine, and other matched equipments such as jumbo roll slitting machine, packaging machine and paper core machine. Some of its products have achieved CE authentication. Its main markets are Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle and South American. With strong technical forces, advanced processing technology and considerate service before and after sales, Elite has earned a good reputation at home and abroad

BOOTH: 1160

Corn Products International, with the recent acquisition of National Starch, is uniquely positioned to create value in tissue applications. With global sales, state-ofthe- art technical support, manufacturing and R&D, it is the world’s experts in starch science. It offers innovative and sustainable technology in natural polymers that meets the unique demands of strength, softness and absorbency required in tissue manufacturing. Its RediBOND®, RediPRO® and EcoPRO™ natural polymer solutions deliver direct strength improvements providing quality and cost optimisation.


Novimpianti Drying Technology Srl is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Lucca, Italy, and it specialises in paper, board and tissue drying, ventilation and environmentally friendly technology solutions. Its main products are:

  • Yankee Hoods up to 650°C operating blowing air temperature
  • Steam generation by Yankee Hood Exhaust
  • Closed Hoods for dryer sections
  • Heat Recovery Chain
  • Stabilization and Pocket Ventilation
  • Steam and Condensate Systems
  • Dust and Mist Removal Systems
  • Room Ventilation
  • Boiler houses
  • Cogeneration interfaces
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Diagnostic Services, Maintenance and Spare Parts
  • Component supply.


Omet is a leading manufacturer of a complete range of paper converting machines for the high production of neutral and printed napkins in paper, tissue and non-woven materials and paper towels of high quality, in line from roll to finished product. TV 841 machine allows a production speed up to 1.000 meters per minute. TV 503 (modular folding machine for napkins), TV 505 (completely automatic machine for disposable products) and AS (towels machine). Besides tissue machinery business, Omet is a world leader and manufactures narrow-web flexographic printing presses for labels, folding carton and flexible packaging.


OpTest manufactures and markets state-of-the-art equipment used for measuring the quality of pulp, paper and tissue. Its products include both laboratory and on-line analysers. Its customers range from pulp, paper and tissue mills to R&D centres in the tissue and allied industries. It will be exhibiting instruments to measure fibre quality, tissue embossing clarity, formation and tissue roughness.


There are countless different paper hygiene products for home use. Consequently, highly flexible machine solutions are required. Packaging lines from Optima Group Nonwovens cover all standard formats – often with only one machine type, allowing customers to benefit from the cost savings and leading modular design. The end-of-line automation range receives the primary packages of paper hygiene products and transfers them to further processing from the secondary sales package to final packaging.


Cincinnati Ohio-based OYSTAR North America (formerly R.A. Jones and Company) is a global supplier of packaging equipment and integration services for the facial tissue and non woven markets. Products include cartoning, tub loading, carton magazine loading, case packing and robotic automation solutions. The OYSTAR Jones booth will feature information on the industry proven Maxim cartoner, capable of running flat and cube cartons interchangeably on the same machine, along with introducing the new Meridian cartoner targeted for applications below 200 cpm.

BOOTH: 700

P C M C welcomes the newest member of the Forte family of surface rewinders, the Forte Industrial. Engineered for winding firm and dense jumbo roll tissue, center pull tissue, and hardwound towel products at high sustainable speeds with consistent quality, the Forte Industrial is designed for unsurpassed accessibility and fast changeover. The Forte Industrial is PCMC’s latest collaboration between the engineering teams in Green Bay and Lucca.

The Ultraflow XF1000 is PCMC’s all-new continuous flow wrapper for bathroom tissue and kitchen towel. The XF1000 wraps roll products at the highest sustainable speeds available. Fast format changes are made possible through the elimination of change parts and the addition of motorised adjustments with digital feedback. The XF1000 incorporates new features which compensate for variations in both roll diameter and compressibility, opening up the process operating window. With the largest format range in the industry, the XF1000 can produce any package on the market and provides range for new formats. The XF1000 can save on film costs, and at the same time meet the market’s demand for environmental sustainability. Lower film usage on the XF1000 is associated with its ability to run both a smaller film panel and thinner gauge films.


Penetone has been an innovator in stickies removal since the advent of secondary fibre. Its Pensolv L115C and Pensolv L805 break up the molecular structure of a stickie and dissolve it. This is considerably reduces sheet holes. These Pensolv products are effective on the fly as well as shutdowns.


Used and refurbished tissue converting and wrapping machines.


World leader in the design and manufacture of specialty chemical makedown, metering, and transfer systems for the tissue industry worldwide, has a proven record of delivering high quality, skid mounted systems, on time, at competitive pricing. ProFlow Asia Shanghai, China, serving the tissue and paper industry throughout Asia. Visit us at www.proflow-inc.com


Pruftechnik is a 33 year old maintenance technology company which pioneered laser shaft alignment and specialises in roller alignment with a new technology called Paralign. With subsidiaries and distributors in more than 70 countries, Pruftechnik serves manufacturing enterprises around the world. Paralign offers a new and innovative method of measuring roller alignment five times faster than conventional means. It uses three ring laser gyroscopes to project the rolls position in space, producing an instant graphical report.


Pulsar is specialised in the engineering, manufacture and installation of systems complete of conveyors, automatic groups, tailor-made special units, and line supervision through PLC and industrial PC for the transport of toilet paper rolls, kitchen rolls, packages and bundles. Pulsar’s conveying solutions offer innovative, cost effective and rational answers to respond to any plant requirements and floor space constraints.


Quickdraft designs and fabricates Pneumatic Material Conveying Systems and Exhaust Systems for use in many industries, including paper, plastics, nonwovens, metals, packaging, converting and food processing. It has the engineering experience needed to understand the specific problems associated with pneumatically conveying each type of material, regardless of the industry.

Quickdraft applies Venturi technology as the power source for its systems using its Venturi Eductor Unit. The Venturi provides a number of advantages including production reliability, low maintenance, reduced dust generation, ease of system cleaning and installation flexibility. Along with its Venturi Eductor Unit, Quickdraft offers a variety of other solutions for conveying and exhaust systems; among them are heavy duty material conveying fans, in-line choppers, ducting, air/material separation devices, dust collection systems, exhaust filtration systems, baling and compacting equipment, static neutralizing equipment, control systems and shredding equipment.

From its inception in 1953, Quickdraft has earned an enviable reputation and fostered unchallenged industry leadership through highquality people, products and services. Quality is the foundation of the company.


Since 1984, SANDAR has been recognised as the leader in reel turn-up systems with nearly 2,000 applications worldwide. Now SANDAR has developed an improved method for full width turnups on virtually all light weight paper, towel, and tissue grades. Since no capital equipment is required, payback is achieved immediately. SANDAR is also the pioneer in repulpable wireless bale strapping. You are invited to visit its booth for a demonstration of full width turn-ups and repulpable wireless strapping.


Saueressig is a worldwide operating system supplier to large branded companies. Produced are designs, artworks, reproductions, printing cylinders, embossing rollers, embossing calenders and equipment for finishing processes. Saueressig shows state-of-the-art embossing tools, sleeve and surface technologies and purpose-build engineering for highest customer demands. The company is the one-stop-shop to support and optimize the production of customized products, such as kitchen towels, napkins, paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper and other multi-layer hygienic papers and tissues.

BOOTH: 990

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company, Inc. will present innovative ‘Tissue Tough’ end-of-line packaging solutions for the tissue industry, including automatic case packing and palletising systems designed for highly efficient operation, at Tissue World, Booth #990 .

Schneider’s case packers and palletising systems are designed to be efficient, simple to operate and maintain, and flexible to handle ‘at home’ or ‘away from home’ rolled and folded tissue products. Available in side, bottom, or top load optimised for your plant layout, Schneider case packers are available with automatic KDF/Dunnage handling for continuous operation.

Schneider palletisers for cases, bundles, and display ready are optimised to accommodate the requirements of single or multiple lines and/or multiple SKU’s.

Schneider Equipment’s case packing, robotic palletising, automatic guided vehicles, material handling solutions, and completely integrated endof- line solutions provide safety, reliability, and efficiency with true low cost of ownership. Schneider Packaging is a Certified Servicing Integrator, Authorised System Integrator, Certified Vision Specialist, and Strategic Market Specialist for FANUC Robotics as well as a Machine Builder partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ programme. For more information, contact its sales department by phone at (315) 676-3035, email [email protected] or visit www.schneiderequip.com

BOOTH: 680

SDF Schnitt-Druck-Falz Spezialmaschinen GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality tissue converting machinery. Furthermore, SDF has gained an excellent reputation for its airlaid and nonwoven converting equipment. The range of manufacture comprises of high-speed napkin folders (Model OmegaPlus, EcoLine, EcoCompact, SpeedStar, Pegasus, AlphaSprint), tissue, dry- and airlaid napkins, from 1- 9 colours, and printed and unprinted napkins, 1/4 and 1/8 folded napkins. These are with automatic and manual delivery, state-of-the-art flexographic printing units, and suction-cylinder or band- knife folding cylinders with the most modern design.

They also include high speed folding machines (Model UltraWeb), medical wipes, industrial wipes, wet wipes, cosmetic and baby wipes, as well as rotary cross-cutters (Model VariPlan), place-mats, tray inlets, washing clothes head rest covers and hospital sheets.

SDF offers machines for both large-scale production and small or medium sized orders where quick product change-over is required. Innovative ideas, the usage of latest technologies, quality, flexibility, and excellent service have convinced a rapidly growing number of customers to get optimum return of investment by choosing equipment from SDF.

BOOTH: 680

Whenever high capacity, package quality, high efficiency and reliability in the field of hanky wrapping are required, the name Senning comes in mind.

After the successful launch of the complete hanky folding and wrapping line TCA 300 some years ago, Senning now introduces the high-end high-speed hankyline TCA 450 onto the international tissue market – a result of its cooperation with Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC).

The TCA 450 is distinguished by its outstanding production efficiency and reliable, virtually maintenance-free function: Folding machine, single packaging machine, labeler or taper and bundle packaging machine are comprised in a single consistent and completely automated system. Each production section component is optimised for the other resulting in a perfectly integrated and systematic whole.

The handkerchief production system can be easily operated by a single operator via a Siemens S7 control systems. Special designs, like a count change by push button or on the fly splice for the mother roll are only some examples for its state of the art-machinery.

Over 60 years of experience in the tissue industry and renowned Senning quality. Made in Germany and representing reliability throughout the complete production line.

BOOTH: 885

Serv-o-tec is a machine producer for folding and printing machinery. It is located in Germany, Langenfeld close to Dusseldorf. Founded in 1988, it has supplied over 300 machines worldwide. It supplies production machines for high-quality decorative napkins, logo printed napkins, all folding styles including bookfold , place mats, handkerchiefs and various wipes. Serv-o-tec offers the very best in product quality and customer service- which translates into increase of output and low production costs.


Shanghai Tominaga is the first technologybased manufacturer of auto and semi-auto packaging machinery for the hygiene disposable paper products in China. Established in 2004 and supported by advanced technologies at home and abroad, it specialises in packaging solution for toilet/kitchen roll tissue, sanitary napkin/panty liner, baby/adult diaper and pants and household papers. With increasing demand of automation from the manufacturing industry, its automatic packaging equipment is appreciated among tissue and napkin factories around the world. It enjoys a long-term cooperation with Kimberly-Clark, P&G, APP and other big international players and has exported to over 20 countries and regions globally. With a senor-engineer team that has decades of experience in the industry, it has capacity to offer professional packing solutions, customised packing line, quick delivery and timely and considerate service.

Upholding the principles of casting precision and pursuing quality, it keeps developing and innovating to march forward with you hand in hand.


Sonoco is a global manufacturer of industrial and consumer packaging. It supplies cores, core stock, adhesives, tier sheets and pallets to the tissue and towel industry. Its extended life parent tissue cores have RFID tracking capabilities. As the leading supplier of single ply and two-ply core stock, it has strong technical resources and an excellent mill footprint. It offers custom adhesives and paperboard products including die-cut and sheeted packaging components. Learn more at sonoco.com or by calling 888-875-8754.


Svecom P.E designs and manufactures expanding shaft and chucks for all winding and unwinding applications, including reel spool, shaft puller and lifting tables. It makes shafts for all sizes with multiple external bladders, lugs and leaves, featuring high-speed centring shafts, differential shafts and adapter plugs, mechanical pneumo-mechanical core chucks and safety chucks. It offers the widest variety of shafts and chucks in the world.


Technidyne Corporation specializes in the manufacture of instrumentation for the measurement and quality control of paper properties. With the new PROFILE/Plus automated modular testing system, Technidyne has revolutionized the automation of physical, surface and optical paper properties measurement


TECHPAP is a commercial company created by the “CENTRE TECHNIQUE DU PAPIER” (C.T.P.) to develop the sale of products performed by its partners.

BOOTH: 1170

Cost reduction while reducing environmental impact. Every tissue operation has the opportunity to reduce fresh water consumption through microfiltration of process water that allows greater reuse in the process. Some of the benefits include reduced fresh water purchase or cost of processing, reduced energy to heat fresh water, recovery of costly fibre and fines, reduced effluent and effluent processing requirements and a greater retention of additives and chemicals.

Over 500 ALGAS Microfilters have been installed globally in a wide variety of process functions. Many have been employed to remove fibre and solids from saveall and DAF clear filtrates to provide super-clear water for use in machine showers, recover and save fibre from effluent streams, or remove solids from effluent streams to off-load primary treatment or reduce discharges to municipal systems. They also replace savealls or DAFs for more effective removal of solids and reduced operating cost and treat DIP sludge or thicken rejects from other process operations. Tecumseth Filtration performs mill studies using a small production unit to demonstrate capability and determine the most effective size and design for any application. Studies include complete data and economic analysis with a full report summarising activities, findings, conclusions and recommendations for your mill.


15%+ Steam Use Reduction at Kruger Product’s Gatineau Tissue Mill using Thermal Energy’s FLU-ACE® Technology

Thermal Energy International Inc. is an innovative cleantech company providing a variety of proprietary and proven energy efficiency, emission reduction, water efficiency, and bioenergy products and solutions to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Thermal Energy is also a fully accredited professional engineering firm, and can offer advanced process and applications engineering services. By providing a unique mix of proprietary products together with process, energy, environmental, and financial expertise Thermal Energy is able to deliver significant financial and environmental benefits to our customers. Thermal Energy’s products include; GEM® – Steam traps and condensate return systems, FLU-ACE® – Direct contact condensing heat recovery, and Dry Rex™ – Low temperature biomass drying systems. The FLU-ACE® has proven effective specific to the tissue industry for recovering heat from boiler, dryer, hood, and vacuum pump exhausts to heat process and boiler plant water and air, and whitewater. Thermal Energy International Inc. has offices in Ottawa, Canada, Bristol, UK and Guangzhou, China.


Timco-Clouth is a family owned company with its main office in Marysville, Ohio. The company was founded in 1996 as a supplier of doctor blades and accessories to the North American paper industry. Since its inception Timco-Clouth has been extremely fortunate to be aligned with Joh. Clouth of Huckeswagen, Germany which has been its sole supplier of composite material used in the manufacture of Timco-Clouth doctor blades. Joh. Clouth has become the industry leader selling its products worldwide in 72 countries.


Tissuenet GmbH is an experienced and reputable company which is representing manufacturers of paper and tissue packing companies. It specialises in the worldwide trade of second-hand tissue converting and packaging machinery.


TKM – your cutting solutions partner for the tissue converting industry.

Circular and straight knives – the company produces a wide range of tissue converting knives in several wear resistant steel qualities: Log saw blades from 610 to 1000 mm od

  • Perforator knives & anvil blades
  • Core cutter saws & knives
  • Wrapping & packaging knives.

CBN grinding wheels – to cut today’s difficult roll products you need sharp blades. Try its exclusively formulated supr-kut cbn grinding wheels. It is the only industrial knife manufacturer producing its own cbn grinding wheels.

Blade lubrication systems – its low cost environment friendly supr-slik blade lube, log saw blade cleaning & log saw blade lubrication systems help to reduce excessive glue build-up on blades that inhibit productive cutting.

Blade sharpening systems – it offers a completely different and innovative log saw blade sharpening system retrofit, replacing the original oem grinding system, which can be installed in most log saw cutting machines. It has over 40 separate log saw blade sharpening system installations operating today in large and small afh and consumer based tissue converting facilities.

Csp (cutting solutions program) – Innovative products + decades of cutting expertise + reliable service.

Come visit us at Stand 1000 and experience CSP.


TMC is a group of companies operating worldwide in the packaging machinery business for consumer products.

We work hard every day to maintain a role of excellence able to anticipate customer needs. For the tissue and disposable hygiene nonwovens products TMC is a single source supplier of both packaging and end-of-line equipment. TMC product line includes wrappers, bundlers, case-packers and end of line equipment.

Continuous innovation and commitment to the industry makes TMC equipment the highest level available in regards to performance, flexibility, layout and format changeover times.

TMC can supply both stand alone machines as well as turnkey integrated projects, controlling the product all the way through from the end of converting line to the palletizing.


Toscotec is a leading company in design, manufacture and delivery of complete tissue machines and turn-key plants. The company’s technical team dedicates particular care to developing new solutions for process optimisation and energy saving.

The wide range of products from the Modulo tissue machines family up to Ahead concept has been renovated over the past few years due to the number of references received from the market. One of its latest innovations is the company’s new approach to Yankee Dryers: the TT SYD. The TT SYD (Steel Yankee Dryer) has a particular design and uses construction materials that provide a substantial increase of drying capacity and energy savings. It can be supplied with diameters up to 18’ (5486 mm) and face length up to 6200 mm. On a machine with an even drying split between Yankee dryer and hood, the overall drying rate is approx 15% higher. So far, Toscotec has received orders for 80 SYD units of which more than 50 are already in operation (up to end November 2011). A further development in tissue drying is the TT SPR 1430, part of the wide range of Toscotec tissue pressing solutions. Toscotec’s R&D team developed also a layered headbox with dilution control for those tissue producers requiring optimal fibre control and savings.


Trebor representatives at Booth #450 will show how the company has been a proven source of supply for parent rolls of tissue to customers in tight markets throughout the world. For over 40 years, Trebor has been the most dependable source for parent rolls of tissue, towel and napkin. This has resulted in a stable, long-term source of supply of tissue to the converter.

Trebor can provide immediate access to a broad spectrum of virgin or recycled fibre products. Some 90% of Trebor’s business is with long-term customers that depend on its strong track record of fast delivery, product quality and competitive pricing. Trebor has broad, expert knowledge of how to capitalise on foreign current exchanges, the ability to clear credit and collection instruments and the experience of successfully transacting business within special international trade conditions. It maximises transportation efficiencies and meets deadlines by expediting shipments when and where they are needed.

Trebor monitors day-to-day market intelligence for its customers. Its expert customer service staff can negotiate in a number of international languages and understand the complexities of supply logistics. That has helped make Trebor the largest supplier of tissue in the market today.

BOOTH: 960

Ungricht is well known as a producer of high quality embossing rollers for nearly any application. Now it has extended its service into the field of marketing and technical support. The assistance covers market orientated development and converting. On the marketing side, it now offers suggestions for designs out of its wide range of patterns, or the development of new patterns according to customer or market demands. This design will be presented first as a technical data sheet for a pre-selection. Next step is the development of a three-dimensional simulation of the pattern on a virtual toilet paper roll, a kitchen towel roll or a facial tissue out of the box. This simulation can be presented to the end customer and also to those making the investment. A final step before engraving the embossing roller samples on tissue can be made to ensure that the new pattern does not create problems in the converting process. Ungricht has also developed a special computer program to analyse the new pattern.


Valco Melton offers an extensive selection of hotmelt and cold-glue dispensing equipment. Complete systems are available for a variety of converting applications. Products featured include an automatic dispensing system designed for tissue roll transfer. This system is fully automatic and requires no operator intervention. It is easy to install, selfcleaning and can be designed for any paper machine width. Display will also include equipment for core winding requirements.


Valley Roller Company offers an extensive line of rubber coverings specifically tailored for the tissue and towel market. Its knowledge of elastomer science and compounding technology coupled with its first hand knowledge of converting applications has led to the development of high performance coverings. As customers look to improve product appearance, increase bulk, and run faster line speeds, the roll covering demands in the re-winder cannot be overlooked. Rubber coverings are used for compliance and ability to form or comply with the surface of the mating roll. Converting roll coverings must exhibit resiliency, abrasion resistance, modulus, and low hysteresis properties to function well in the specific application. These properties will determine the suitability of the covering in the application and will greatly impact the degree of success in a given environment.

Its field representatives are skilled in listening to customer needs and matching rubber covers to embossing and converting application challenges that deliver success and added value. Customers from coast to coast in North America and around the globe count on Valley Roller for solutions to the most difficult rubber roll challenges. Call or visit the company’s website, www.valleyroller.com, for more information.


VanTek Inc. is a world-wide leading source and supplier of used pulp and paper machinery, related components, complete pulp and paper mills, and used power equipment. It is conveniently located in Vancouver, Washington, USA, with representative agents in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil and Europe – all ideally located to serve its clients. VanTek’s expertise covers all aspects of each transaction from sourcing pulp and paper equipment to suit its customers’ specific requirements, to assisting with purchasing, packing and shipping overseas, to installation, start-up and operational support. It also assists its customers with project planning and engineering. Understanding client needs, in-depth knowledge of paper machines and related components, combined with the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and cultural sensitivity assure VanTek’s clients of overall project success. It is currently working with several paper companies to sell their idled paper machines as well as complete pulp and paper mills from various locations in Canada, USA and Europe. VanTek also works with mills to provide complete hazardous waste abatement, scrapping and demolition services.

BOOTH: 300

Voith Paper is committed to providing continuous paper machine innovations, enhancement components, and service expertise for the global paper industry. its seven closely aligned divisions share knowledge, best practices and process solutions, enabling each to be the best in its class – for all paper grades. Voith sets standards in paper, energy, mobility and service markets. Founded on 1 January 1867, Voith has a current workforce of 37,000, sales of €4bn and over 270 locations worldwide. It is one of the largest family-owned enterprises in Europe.


Langhammer regularly introduces innovative products to its portfolio.

Recent additions include the PA82 XXL Palletiser, which incorporates the company’s characteristic high flexibility with a new range of consumer possibilities. The PA82 is able to handle a wide range of pallet formats, from 600x600mm to 1500x1500mm, with a weight of up to 1500kg, with format changes no longer necessary. Developed for worldwide use, the PA82 can be used for transport in both length and crosswise direction. Langhammer has also launched a cost effective four servo-axis palletiser, the Linear Robot LR01, which offers a compact design and is easy to operate.

The latest development is a coproduction by W+D-Langhammer and Casmatic. The CMB202- LA02 is a bundler which combines the flexibility of robot technology with true and tested CMB202 packaging technology. Designers from Italian packaging machine label Casmatic and German palletising and transport solutions specialist W+DLanghammer bundled their know-how to develop this world first. In this new packaging machine the product infeed, the robotic arrangement of the products and the wrapping of the resulting formation are all arranged successively in one line. The CMB202-LA02 can process up to 20 bundles per minute. Due to the linear machine design product change converting times can be reduced to a maximum of 10 minutes.

BOOTH: 585

Weifang Lancel Hygiene Products Limited is a specialised manufacturer of high and middle grade parent rolls for hand towel, absorbent paper, paper napkin, kitchen towel and facial tissue. Toilet tissue and finished tissue products with a complete production line. It has excellent teams and professional process that could meet with various customers’ demands in different areas.


Weko manufactures rotor damping systems that are used throughout the world to apply chemicals like lotion, softeners and fragrances to tissues and sanitary towels as well as household and toilet rolls. The systems can be easily retrofitted on existing production lines and it assures highest efficiency and reproducibility.


Xiamen C & D Paper & Pulp Co. Ltd (C&D Paper) has been in the paper and pulp sector for 19 years after it was established in 1992. It is a subsidiary of Xiamen C&D Inc, a listed company in Shanghai that has been ranked as a Top 200 Chinese Enterprises for a number of years.

C&D Paper has grown into the biggest distributor of paper, pulp and waste paper in China, and it sells these products and parent paper to paper mills abroad. With big business extended to toilet tissue and other Away-from-Home paper products, it devotes itself to being a leading supply chain operator in the paper industry.

Its main products are bath tissue, facial tissue, hand towel, and napkin tissue etc, which are mainly exported to North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, where it receives warm praise from its customers.


Zinter Handling Inc is a nationally recognised leader in the overhead lifting industry. For 35 years, the company has devoted itself to the innovative design of hoist and crane equipment specific to the paper industry.

Utilising advanced technologies from partners Power Electronics and Electrolift; Zinter designs innovative lifting equipment for harsh environments. Specialising in: Wet End and Dry End Cranes; Reel Handling Cranes; Automated (PLC) Converting Cranes; Parent Roll Lifting Devices; Poly-Roll- Bundler and Wrapper Cranes; Pulp Mill Cranes.