Automatic interfolding: OMET's ASV Line

OMET has targeted the interfolded towel and facial tissue sector with its latest launch, the ASV Storm Line.

The line has a new automatic interfolding head that combines extensive modularity, ease of use and high productivity for the production of 1,2 or 3-ply paper hand towels, 2,3 or 4-ply facial tissue and 2-3-ply toilet paper.  

It is the result of research with innovative and patented operating standards, that allows a complete modularity with in-line, mirror, or 90 degrees configurations.  

It can be designed and configured according to the needs of the user with the addition of several functional modules: unwinders, lamination unites, embossing units, calendars, lotion application systems and wheel knurling units, banding units, log and gang saw, as well as the automatic interfolding head and the longitudinal slitting units that form the core of the machine.  

OMET offers two versions of the ASV Line, the Tornado and the Storm Line, distinguished by their different folding units and a wide range of finishing units, in order to specifically fulfil different production needs.  

The new ASV Line Storm is equipped with side suction system and two folding and cutting rollers of the panel.  

This folding system allows to use a head up to 1,500mm and enable an extremely high production capacity.