Lee & Man Group upgrades its Jiangxi-based TM_
Lee & Man Group upgrades its Jiangxi-based TM

Jiangxi Lee & Man Sanitary Paper Manufacturing has announced plans to upgrade its high-speed crescent paper machine to increase its production of high-quality products.

Supplied by Baosuo Enterprise Group’s Baotuo division, the company will provide energy-saving upgrades for the plant’s 5.6m, 2200m/min tissue machine.

According to the machinery supplier the project will include the improvement of product quality, reducing energy consumption, and improving the production environment.

The aim is to then respond to customer demand for higher-quality products produced with higher energy efficiency, reduced emissions and increased production.

Lee & Man Group will retrofit the vacuum press part of the TM.

A spokesperson for Baotuo said: “By providing key equipment we can increase the dryness of the upper cylinder by around 3% without reducing the speed of tissue paper machine, thereby reducing the steam consumption by more than 10% and can also improve the bulkiness of the finished paper.”