IM Converting announces upgrades to its IM-Hug and IM-Fold lines

IM Converting has introduced its upgraded IM-Hug and IM-Fold lines into the global tissue market.

The interfolding lines for towels, toilet paper and facial tissues were officially launched three years ago, however in response to customer demand the machines have now been upgraded and implemented with additional tissue converting capacities.

IM-Hug developments mean it now features the use of paper as a wrapping material, while the IM-Fold “Plus” version is currently now able to use three units.

Mauro Della Santa, IM Converting Head of Sales, told TWM: “The world is moving towards a ‘plastic-free’ scenario, and the tissue industry has historically used a lot of plastic for wrapping the final products going through distribution and to the consumers.

“With the aim of having plastic-free tissue packaging and also to satisfy the demand of some tissue mills, IM Converting developed this innovation.

“It is now one of the very few OEMs of interfolding lines offering this technology.”

The IM-Hug is technology allows companies to wrap/pack logs of folded products using paper instead of plastic, up to 22 logs per min and with the use of only 5Kw of electricity.

The patented mechanical folding system used on IM Fold lines for “V”, “W” and “Z” folded products can obtain “a very high efficiency ratio and a perfect fold of the product even for difficult to handle and high basis weight papers,” he said.

“Further targets reached are energy consumption approximately two thirds lower than competitors’ machines and high-level production speeds.

“Modular machines therefore can be adapted to multiple needs, enabling easy insertion into existing lines and so allowing the customer to optimise the investment.”