Confalone and Toscotec’s teams at Cartiera Confalone in Montoro, Italy

Italy’s Cartiera Confalone has started up a Toscotec-supplied high-efficiency TT SteamBooster steam generation system at its mill in Montoro.   

The TT SteamBooster was implemented into the hood and steam systems of the company’s AHEAD 2.2 tissue line which was supplied by Toscotec on a turnkey basis in 2021. 

According to the machinery supplier, the TT SteamBooster recovers the heat present in the hoods exhaust air and harnesses it to generate high pressure steam from the condensate coming from the Steel Yankee Dryer.  

The generated steam is injected into the steam line that runs from the boiler to the Yankee and is used directly to feed the Yankee.
TT SteamBooster’s standalone control system can be operated independently on any tissue making line.  

The company said the TT SteamBooster has reduced the boiler’s gas consumption by up to 25%, also ensuring a reduction of the mill’s carbon emissions.  

Gaetano Confalone, the Director of Cartiera Confalone, said: “This easy upgrade allows us to further increase the energy efficiency of our production and continue to reduce our carbon footprint.” 

With origins dating back to 1800 when a paper mill was opened in Maiori for the production of handmade paper, Cartiera Confalone produced flattened and creped paper until its conversion into tissue paper in the 1970s.  

The family-owned business now produces toilet paper, kitchen towel, napkins, and jumbo rolls which are distributed in Italy and internationally.