Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Fabio Perini has used Tissue World Milan to highlight its latest technologic innovations.

These include the Constellation Effect, which in the 18 months since its launch has sold over 50 lines throughout the five continents.

Patented by Fabio Perini, the company said Constellation “offers unprecedented winding quality”.

It said: “An innovative geometry consisting of mobile rolls with independent drives accompany the log from first to last sheet with consistency and uniformity.

“Complete log control during its formation allows attaining production efficiencies unobtainable until today.”

Additionally, the company added that Easy HMI operator panel makes managing the machine easier and more immediate, since it focusses on the parameters that characterise the finished product, such as internal core diameter, external roll diameter, metres of paper, perforation length.

Matteo Benedusi, CSO at Fabio Perini, said: “Constellation is a milestone for the tissue industry because it represents perfect winding, something never attained with traditional technology until today.

“And also because it is oriented towards Industry 4.0. thanks to the on-board software and hardware that allow interacting and retroacting with the machines upstream and downstream of the rewinder.

“This means optimising the production process and hence maximising the competitive advantage for all our customers”.

The company will also be highlighting the Industry 4.0 macro trend by showcasing its “Weareable” device.

It is comprised of bi-directional audio-video instrumentation and this allows the technician to provide indications of how to proceed to promptly solve the issue.