Tissue World Magazine

Tissue World Istanbul 2018 Conference opened with the Senior Management Symposium on 4 September, starting with the Keynote Address entitled “At yet another crossroads: Turkey’s path in uncharted roads”, delivered by Professor Soli Özel from Kadir Has University morning.

The first presentation highlighted the geopolitical and economic overview of the Tissue market and its dynamics. This formed the basis for the subsequent Executive Panel Discussion which gathered distinguished representatives from major players in the Tissue industry. The thought leaders from Hayat Kimya, Eczacıbaşı Tüketim Ürünleri, Aktül Kağıt and Lila Group took the stage to share their viewpoints and success stories.

The highly anticipated panel discussion comprised Lütfi Aydin, Global Tissue Director of Hayat Kimya ; Erdem Ülkümen, Plants Director of Eczacıbaşı Tüketim Ürünleri; Ibrahim Gökce, Production Director from Aktül Kağıt; and Alp Öğücü, General Manager of Lila Group.

The first day continued with invaluable presentations on consumer trends, new market opportunities and insights into doing business in West Africa.