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Sofidel’s Swedish subsidiary Swedish Tissue has boosted its capacity after it started up a new converting plant in Kisa.

The new converting plant is now fully operational with two active production lines: the first line is focused on toilet tissues, whilst the second line can produce both kitchen towels and toilet tissues.

It is the group’s most automated production site and its integration has saved the company around 40% of space.

This project was particularly challenging as its implementation involved the diversion of the Kisa river by approximately 300 metres.

The plant is also distinguished by the automation choices made for the production process.

By adapting techniques mainly used in the food and beverage sector, Sofidel developed an automatic reel conveying system process for the first time in its history, which transfers them between the paper mill and the converting plant, and the fully automated control system of the finished product: from the line ends to the loading bays via the warehouse.

This choice has saved approximately 40% of the space.

The plant produces private label products intended for the Nordic markets, in particular Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

With over 100 years since its establishment, Swedish Tissue represents a historical paper production site.

Sofidel said the move is an indication of the importance of the region and the company’s desire to strengthen its position in the Nordic countries.

The Sofidel Group is a world leader in the manufacture of paper for hygienic and domestic use.
Founded in 1966, the Group has subsidiaries in 13 countries – Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, France, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania,

Greece, Turkey and the USA – with more than 5,200 employees.

Sofidel is the second ranking group in Europe in terms of production capacity in the tissue sector (1,050,000 tonnes per annum).

Swedish Tissue is located in the Municipality of Kinda in Östergötland County, Sweden.

It has a fully integrated tissue process and produces parent reels and finished consumer products.

Since 2010 the company has formed part of the Italian group Sofidel.
Swedish Tissue employs 165 staff and has a turnover of Euro 82 million (31 December 2014) and has an annual production capacity of 56,000 tonnes (31 December 2014).