James Adams is originally from South Africa and is now studying in Manchester in the UK. Here he describes why portable tissues remain one of his key purchases and why he prefers environmentally-friendly products.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have found tissues to be absolutely essential. My earliest memories are of my mother packing my school bag and slipping a tiny pack of tissues into the side pocket, just in case. I have always suffered from terrible hay fever, so when spring rolls around I find myself sneezing like a mad man. I learned, early on, that when one has to deal with a bout of sneezing and the inevitable mucus a pack of tissues is very handy indeed.

Over the years, my use of tissues has widened and increased, but that tiny little pack of portable tissues remains at the heart of my tissue usage. I’m an expert tissue user now; experience has led me to have knowledge of the weight, absorptivity and caress of the tissue.


“I usually go for what brand is on special, but of course stick to high quality.”

Besides the pocket sized pack of tissues, I also use a number of other products:

Loo wipes: Enough said. I think just about everyone uses these. It’s one of the bare necessities of life so I cannot afford to overlook it. I usually go for what brand is on special, but of course stick to high quality. I usually save money by buying in bulk, as needing loo wipes is one of the few certainties in life.

Paper napkins: These paper napkins are essential for dinner parties. I think a small touch such as a dinner napkin can really transform the look of your entire table. I usually make sure to buy colourful, eye-catching napkins and fold them into different shapes, my favourite being the classic Sailor Hat.

Kitchen napkins: Oh, where would I be without kitchen roll?! These super absorbent and handy accessories have saved my life on several occasions. I’m an avid cook, but unfortunately not the most coordinated one. This can lead to a lot of mess and bother about the kitchen, and one just can’t find a reliable rag nowadays. I prefer using kitchen napkins to clean up because they are absorbent, versatile and disposable. I feel that this is cleaner because a moist rag would just harbour bacteria and other harmful things that I definitely do not want going near my food.

Wet wipes: I am not only a cooking enthusiast but also a travelling one. I have spent countless hours at the airport, on a bus or travelling cross country in a rental car. One thing I cannot abide having is an unwashed face and hands, it drives me crazy. That’s why I find wet wipes so handy. I enjoy using tissues of all types, and tend to purchase them in bulk from supermarkets. I prefer being able to see all the available ranges and brands displayed before me so I can get a good idea of the tissue texture and quality, as well as the price. I do think they can be environmentally harmful so I use them sparingly, but I am also heartened by the fact that many tissue companies try to be environmentally responsible. I make a point of going for companies that have a good environmental record to ensure I have as little impact as possible.

Over the years I have definitely increased my tissue usage and certainly enjoy them in a wide range of settings! I think they are much cleanlier and allow us to get about our business while remaining sterile and as clean as possible!

James Adams