UK-based Disley Tissue has boosted its capacity with the successful start up of a Metso-supplied Yankee Advantage AirCap hood and Advantage WetDust dust control system.

Disley Tissue starts up Metso-supplied Yankee hood and dust control system

The supplier said the system is based on the latest technology and best energy saving principals, and “remarkably increases the production without affecting the current energy consumption”.

The Advantage WetDust system applies the patented concept of a fully wet system to capture dust at the source by encapsulating it in water.

Disley Tissue is located near Manchester and operates in association with Connect Hygiene Products and Peter Grant Papers to provide high quality tissue parent reels and converted tissue and towel products.

The Yankee Advantage AirCap hood and Advantage WetDust dust control system at UK-based Disley Tissue

The company is a supplier in the away from home market with an annual production of 35,000 tonnes of tissue per year and seven million cases of converted products.

Chris Wickham, managing director of Disley Tissue, said: “We chose Metso because it provided the best technological solution for the hood replacement and new dust system; to improve the health of our employees, reduce our impact on the environment and improve our cost base considerably.”