Nadia Hussain is a therapist living and working in London. In her spare time she practises Muay Thai, a form of mixed martial art that originates from Thailand.

At home I live with my two sisters and parents so we tend to go for family size packs or bulk buy toilet tissue. We’re not big on labels and branded items. The main priority is that a product isn’t harsh on the skin, so as long as this is the case we buy the regular white unscented toilet and kitchen paper.

We usually go for the regular Andrex products or most of the time supermarket brands. We shop at our local Tesco so we keep a close eye on prices and ‘bogof’ (buy-one-get-one-free) deals.

As a Muslim family our parents have emphasised personal hygiene ever since we were babies, so naturally we continue to perform these rituals in adulthood. We use both toilet paper as well as water. The idea of using wipes to clean makeup or just to clean oneself is a new concept to us, so they are not amongst our shopping items. We are so programmed to use clean running water to clean, wash and perform ablution it’s second nature to us.

The second most used items is of course the good old kitchen paper, used for almost everything, as hand towels, cleaning work tops, napkins and for that runny nose.

These two cover our family needs, I tend to carry pocket size tissues and antibacterial wipes with me. Living in a polluted city like London and commuting on the tube I find the antibacterial wipes for the hands a must have!

As a massage therapist, in my practice I do use a lot more tissue-based products. This is essential for good practice and health and safety, to avoid cross contamination between clients and myself.

Disposable hand towels, a couch roll and a box of tissues are all used during my work as a therapist. The hand towels are for me as I wash my hands before and after each client. Just imagine being seen by a therapist with unwashed hand … eeew!

The couch roll is used to cover the massage bed, and again I use this generously for each client. A luxury box of tissues is there for client comfort and needs.