Eclipse T4
The Eclipse T4: WEPA Group boosts its automated tissue paper packaging abilities

WEPA Group has increased its automated tissue paper packaging abilities after purchasing seven machines from Infinity Italia for its facilities in France, the Netherlands and Poland.

Two Eclipse T4 Wrappers and two i18 Bundlers will be installed at the company’s Troyes facility in France, one Eclipse T4 Wrapper and one i18 Bundler for the facility in Swalmen in the Netherlands, and a C-15 Casepacker for the site in Piechowice, Poland.

The i18 Bundler is tailored to the needs of the European market and Infinity said it has an integrated diverter and flight bar system for easy product collation, as well as an automatic poly reel splice and poly pull out cart for safe and quick poly loading.

The i18 Bundler is also compatibile with Infinity’s Infusion modular system; by using the fixed infeed section, the i18 can be coupled with modules such as an Infinity Casepacker or Bagger.

For primary packaging, the Eclipse T4 uses a durable AT20 belt and 24 trolley sections, which the machinery supplier said decreases the changeover time between different package configurations.

The infeed lanes of the machine also have wide diameter capabilities, which Infinity said ensures the line will keep pace with product developments at the Troyes and Swalmen facilities.

For the site in Piechowice, the C15 Casepacker investment allows for a 20-minute changeover between case sizes and configurations.

The C15 is capable of speeds up to 300ppm per index arm.

Emulation engineers from Infinity have travelled to Swalmen and will be traveling to Troyes to provide virtual reality training to WEPA employees.

This included a fully interactive VR machine changeover.

Infinity also equipped the machines with a data collecting and remotely accessible eWON device, allowing WEPA to track production times, faults, and speed.