Valmet claims world record in ViscoNip belt lifetime

Valmet has said it achieved a world record in a ViscoNip belt lifetime at its customer Yunnan Yun Jing Forest & Paper Co.’s TM1 in China.  

The supplier said its Valmet Black Belt lifetime record in ViscoNip application is 695 days.  

Prior to that, the start-up belt of Yunnan Yun Jing TM1 had already run for a lifetime of 608 days.  

The company added that the lifetime and running time record was reached between 8 October 2016 – 3 September 2018 on its Black Belt E. 

At the end of 2019, Valmet updated its Black Belt offering – the paper machine supplier’s shoe press belt family for paper, board, tissue and pulp drying machines – with the launch of its Black Belt R into the tissue market. 

Juha Luhtalampi, global product manager, Tissue Machine Clothing, told TWM: “The Valmet Black Belt R is a completely new design especially developed for tissue applications. Prior to its launch, we had been successfully running the prototypes of this new design in a few industrial scale tissue machines.”   

He added that the company’s PMC offering has covered tissue machines previously, but after its decision to boost tissue machine clothing R&D, it started to look for the improved raw materials, structure and runnability.  

He added: “So far, the longest lifetime with our earlier Valmet Black Belt design in ViscoNip position is 695 days recorded in Yunnan Yun Jing Forest & Paper Co.’s TM1 in China. The net running time of that belt was 665 days with approximately 500,000,000 nip cycles. For our new Valmet Black Belt R, we are waiting to see how fast we can reach the existing Valmet Black Belt lifetime record.”