Tissue World launches its latest series of webinars for the global industry

Tissue World has launched a series of webinars in the run up to Tissue World Düsseldorf, the world’s largest exhibition and conference for the global tissue industry.

The “Tissue World Talks” virtual Senior Management Symposium will be broadcasted live on 2 November 2022 at 10am GMT, discussing supply chain dynamics, geopolitics, consumer behaviour and leadership strategies.

Fisher International’s Senior Consultant Urban Lundberg and Euromonitor International’s Head of Research Ratna Sita will lead the discussion, which will last for 30 minutes with an additional 10-minute Q&A section to end the session.

Challenging, interesting, unprecedented – we invite you to bring your curiosity, ideas and questions to contribute on the future direction of the tissue market.

The Technical Sessions second webinar will be held on 3 November at 10am GMT.

Speakers will be announced in due course and the sessions will discuss the current challenges for running tissue mills – not only but especially in Europe – and how they are mounting.

Among them topics such as interrupted supply chains, the threat of discontinued gas supply in several countries, and peaks in main cost components like fibre, gas and electricity, will be up for discussion.

Demand for tissue remains strong but how do you strategize when the pressure is mounting from so many directions? Perhaps sustainability projects will go on hold? Or would that be counter-productive?

It’s time to talk about implications and potential consequences but also possible solutions. Together with key industry leaders and you in the audience let’s discuss the best way forward during Tissue World’s virtual events.

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