Suzano, Klabin and Canfor Pulp have confirmed a raft of pulp hikes

Suzano and Klabin have confirmed they are announcing a range of global pulp price hikes in July.

Swedish pulp producer Södra declined to comment on any plans to implement further increases when contacted by TWM.

Suzano has confirmed to TWM it is raising hardwood prices in three markets and that the increases will be between $20 and $40 per tonne.

In Europe, the price of eucalyptus will be increase by $30 per tonne, raising the reference price to $1,380 per tonne.

In North America, it will increase its prices by $40 per tonne, meaning that the cost of one tonne of eucalyptus pulp will now be $1,610.

In China, it will make increases of $20 per tonne, pushing the current price of $840 per tonne up to $860.

Suzano declined to comment further.

Klabin also confirmed to TWM that it will apply readjustments in the price of eucalyptus pulp ranging from $20 to $40 per tonne.

In America, prices per tonne will increase by $40, resulting in a tonne of pulp now costing $1,610.

In Europe, prices will be increased by $30, raising the price for eucalyptus pulp to $1,380.

In Asia, the increase will be $20, raising the price to US$ 860 per tonne.

A spokesperson for Klabin told TWM: “The leading causes of this new global pulp price increase (expected for July) are related to the current tight supply conditions and continued strong demand, supply disruptions – both planned and unplanned, delays in the introduction of new projects ~800kt impact on the hardwood pulp supply from Finland – and also due to restrictions on wood imports from Russia and logistical bottlenecks.”

In North America, Canfor Pulp said to TWM that it sees “current pulp pricing levels at record highs”.

Brian Yuen, Canfor Pulp, Vice President Pulp & Paper Sales and Marketing, said: “Pulp prices continue to trend up, i.e. June 2022 was the sixth consecutive NBSK price increase in North America.

“The primary drivers for this is the unprecedented unplanned pulp downtime (+2M tonnes July YTD) coupled with ongoing global supply chain bottlenecks (limited boxcar supply, port congestion, shortage of skilled labour, etc.).”

He confirmed the business has announced price hikes for its NBSK pulp in North America, which has increased from $1,450 per tonne in January 2022 to $1,805 per tonne in June 2022.