Pehart Group’s Constellation line will help expand its business locally and abroad

Romania’s Pehart Group has increased its converting capacity after starting up its Körber Group-supplied Constellation line.

Located at the company’s plant in Sebeș, the line is part of a €10m investment to increase its presence in Romania and abroad.

Gabriel Stanciu, Pehart Group General Manager, said: “Our business strategy is twofold: to increase our production capacity in the Romanian market by strengthening the position of our brands in large chain stores and constantly increasing the quality of our products, and to expand our presence in external markets by expanding into new countries.

“The Constellation line will enable us to do this, and it is also equipped with advanced technologies that will lead to improvements of our Pufina products at the premium level.”

He added that the line “uses an innovative system to carry out the paper engraving process with heated rolls, which gives the paper roll volume and firmness”.

“The line has innovative technologies that allow reduction of adhesives. Traditionally, adhesives are used in the converting paper process, which brings environmental and operational drawbacks.

“However, this new line uses Aquabond technology, which can replace the adhesives with water in the laminating process of white toilet paper.

“This reduces production time, but also the costs associated with maintaining machinery.”

He added that the line also offers the possibility of environmentally-friendly packaging using biodegradable materials

“We will use environmentally-friendly packaging for our Pufina Natura branded products.

“They are not only recyclable and biodegradable, but also as versatile as polyethylene in terms of product protection, packaging options, printability, and mechanical stress during the production process.”

Currently, Pehart operates from two factories in Sebes, Alba County, and Dej, Cluj County, producing 100,000tpy.

Over the past six years the company has made investments of €36.2m to modernise its two facilities.