Valmet’s IQ Quality Control System will be installed at Papeterie Le Bourray’s plant

France’s Papeterie Le Bourray has invested in a Valmet-supplied IQ Quality Control System to be installed on TM3 at its plant in Saint-Mars-La-Brière.

It will replace an aging third-party system and aims to optimise production and improve end-product quality. Delivery will take place in November 2022.

The Valmet IQ Quality Control System will be delivered with scanner, related measurements including online colour measurement and quality controls.

According to the supplier, with more accurate data available and multivariable control technology, the machine can be better controlled, resulting in “improved machine performance and end-product quality”.

It is the second Valmet IQ Quality Control system order to the plant, the first was for TM4 which was started up in September 2021.

The Saint-Mars-La-Brière plant produces premium quality white and coloured tissue paper.