Metsä Tissue's Mänttä, Finland-based mill, which will house the Valmet-supplied PM renewal

Metsä Tissue is to increase the efficiency of its fresh fibre tissue paper production at its Mänttä plant in Finland.

The company said that the Valmet-supplied PM renewal will “significantly improve the mill’s energy and production efficiency and increase its production capacity”.

It added that the investment will reduce energy consumption by approximately 15% per tonne of paper produced.

The project is expected to result in lower CO2 emissions as part of Metsä Tissue’s commitment to making its mills fossil free by 2030.

Kari Karttunen, Vice President, Production, Mänttä mill, said: “This is an important step in our strategy towards even better industrial efficiency and product quality.

“The paper machine’s renewal will provide consumers with increasingly soft and strong paper while significantly reducing the amount of energy used to produce it.

“This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with our sustainability goals.”

The Mänttä mill produces tissue paper products sold under the brands Serla, Lambi and Katrin, customers’ private label products as well as greaseproof and baking papers sold under the SAGA brand.