Lee & Man Group boosts production capacity by 310,000tpy

China’s Lee & Man Group has boosted its production capacity by 310,000tpy after completing a series of machinery investments supplied by Baosuo Enterprise Group. 

Jiangxi Lee & Man has added 120,000tpy of high-end household paper after investing in six BC1300-2850 Crescent Former TMs, as well as adding 60,000tpy of high-end household paper after investing in three BC1300-2850 Crescent Former TMs.  

The company’s Chongqing Lee & Man site has also added 130,000tpy of high-end household paper after investing in four BC1300-2850 Crescent Former TMs, one BCS600-3550 hand towel and one BC1300L-2850 Crescent Former TM for the production of napkin paper.  

The scope of supply by Baosuo Enterprise Group also included the auxiliary system, electrical and automation controlling system, and the engineering design, installation and commissioning guidance services required in the production system are also included in the scope of supply.  

The investments will all be completed by the fourth quarter of 2020. 

Lee & Man Group is a multinational company that has an annual production capacity of more than 7.165m tonnes in the paper industry, 6.26m tonnes in the packaging paper market, 180,000 tonnes in the pulp market and 725,000 tonnes in the household paper market.  

It is estimated that by the end of this year, Lee & Man Group’s annual production capacity of household paper in China will exceed one million tonnes.