Essity’s Mainz-Kostheim in Germany is gearing up to use green hydrogen for tissue production

Essity has launched a €4m pilot project to run a paper machine CO2-free with green hydrogen at its plant in Mainz-Kostheim, Germany.
Natural gas will be successively replaced by green hydrogen on the site’s largest paper machine during ongoing production.
Essity said the project is the first of this magnitude in the paper industry and will test to what extent green hydrogen can replace natural gas in the tissue production process without compromising on product quality. 

Magnus Groth, President and Chief Executive, Essity, said: “We will be the first in the world to use green hydrogen for tissue production.
“This is a clear commitment towards our ambitious climate agenda and a big step towards a decarbonised society.  

“We are creating a sustainable process that is setting a new benchmark for the industry”.  

Following the re-build of the paper machine, Essity will gradually add green hydrogen to its energy supply.  

It plans to run the drying hood of the paper machine on 100% green hydrogen by autumn 2022.