Tissue World Magazine

Gambini has used the Tissue World New Orleans exhibition to highlight its FLEX LINES technology.

The supplier said its FLEX LINES allow customers to reach what it calls “Perflexion” – top level performances and flexibility due to the TouchMax Laminator.

It said: “The TouchMax Laminator is the main attraction at this event. It’s the third generation of turret-style technology and provides customers with quick, safe, and fully automated changeover of the engraved steel rolls all within three minutes by the HMI panel.

“TouchMax is now available with roll face format up to 3,700mm in the large version, with steel embossing rolls diameters up to 498mm.”

Perfexion is the combination of performance and flexibility developed exclusively by Gambini and is reflected in the composition of the lines and in their modularity.

The goal is to adapt to different production needs, guaranteeing the highest level of operational efficiency.

Gambini said: “The achievement of Perflexion inspires all stages of Research & Development.

“According to our mission, innovation is focused on the improvement of the production process, making it faster, safer and more precise, while ensuring consistent high quality finished products.

“Gambini line offerings were re-configured to enhance the concept of Perflexion which is one of the most important and distinctive aspects that distinguish our Flex rewinder lines in the market place.

“A comprehensive offering which features lines with different levels of production speeds, both for the consumer and professional AfH sectors that stand out in the market for their advanced technology in flexibility and performance.

“In order to adapt production capacities to meet market demands, Gambini Flex rewinder lines allow our customers to easily upgrade the line configuration by replacing key components.

“This provides the opportunity to achieve a wide range of products on the same line and is an important advantage in terms of cost savings, occupied space, and training of the operating personnel.”

Specifically, this means that on the same consumer line it’s possible to produce standard kitchen roll towel and also larger diameter rolls up to 250mm by replacing the Log Saw and the Accumulator.

On a professional AfH line it’s also possible to produce bathroom tissue rolls with a minimum diameter of 100mm by choosing the composition of the line with a suitable Tail Sealer and two Log Saws.

Gambini said: “Perflexion offers real advantages for customers that want to approach new markets, test new products, and widen the production capacity with minimal additional investment. It is an improvement of the production process that gives more value to the finished product.”