Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Rising numbers… in population, tourism, retail stores, personal income and a strong economic performance gives the Bangkok-based manufacturer confidence for the future. A TWM report.

TWM/1 What tissue markets do you operate in in Thailand and is there much growth?
“Berli Jucker Cellox operates in all markets and we’re seeing growth across all of the tissue markets in Thailand. In particular, AfH and private label are playing a significant role.

“We produce toilet paper, facial tissue, napkin or multi-purpose paper. With a commitment to increase quality, the company has expanded production lines to be the leader in the tissue market by using advanced technology machines from European countries.

“With advanced technology and equipment from the best manufacturers in the world together with systematic production line, we make paper that can be manufactured to meet customers’ needs about size, length, perforate mark, fragrance and pattern. We also have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 certifications and are allowed to use the green label on approved products.

“The average market growth in Thailand is around 4.7%, while usage per capita is still low compared to other developed countries. This is largely because more and more people in Thailand are having better  access to disposable income and so buying more and better-quality products.

“The raising of income per capita and numbers of convenience stores are also changing the life style of new generations, which is resulting in higher demand of tissue consumption. We’re also  seeing more and more demand for environmentally-friendly products popular in Thailand.”

Investment potential: more Thai people have better access to disposable income, and so demand for higher-quality products is increasing


TWM/2; How many mills do you have in Thailand?
“We have two mills in Thailand with production capacity of 50,000tpy, providing products for customers both locally and internationally.

“The market here has four key players – Kimberly-Clark, RiverPRO, Wang Paper, and CPC – with approximate total capacity of 150,000tpy.

“Currently we are exporting to neighbouring countries i.e. Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar.”

TWM/3 What are the key trends you’re seeing in the Thai and Asian tissue market? 
“We are seeing more and more good potential due to the increasing number of the population as well as strong economic growth. Growth in the tourism business also means that tissue consumption is significantly and steadily increasing.”

Commitment to quality: the company has expanded its production lines


TWM/4 What are the key tissue packaging/ packaged product trends you’re seeing in Thailand and Asia, and how are you responding to this? 
“The facial and napkin tissue in soft packaging are growing significantly. However, toilet roll tissue still shares the major portion in total market.”

TWM/5 How is the Thai tissue market influenced by China’s? 
“Tissue from China doesn’t impact the Thai market very much. The Thai market prefers quality and a variety of products.”

TWM/6 What plans do you have to grow and  invest in the future?
“To keep up with the growth in demand we are seeing in Thailand, we are planning to expand capacity in the next few years.”

Export potential: the company is exporting to neighbouring countries