Metsä Tissue has boosted its presence in Russia after it opened up a converting and warehousing site in Vorsino.

The company said the developing Russian market is “strategically important to Finnish Metsä Tissue which seeks strong growth”.

In Vorsino, the company has introduced a Futura converting line that doubles its tissue production capacity and enables a larger product variety.

Chief executive Mika Joukio said: “In the Moscow and St. Petersburg area there are some 30 million people with rapidly rising standard of living.

“It is estimated that the tissue market in Russia will grow significantly, even more than in Western Europe. This makes us believe strongly in a successful future in Russia.”

Metsä Tissue launched its products on the Russian market in 2005.

Metsä Tissue OOO, the company for Russian operations, was established in 2006 and production started in 2008.

Vice President Yuriy Hudziy, Tissue, Russia, said: “From Vorsino and with the site’s efficient logistics we can serve our customers quickly and with a wide range of high quality tissue products.

“We can produce our top brands Lambi, Mola and Katrin near our customers.” In addition to locally produced goods, Metsä Tissue imports and sells Katrin products and solutions, and SAGA baking and cooking papers in Russia.

The company’s new Vorsino converting and warehousing site near Moscow