Tissue World Magazine

OMET has launched its latest vacuum-fold FV line, a new tissue converting line for the production of folded napkins.

Its launch targets the market for medium and large runs of white embossed napkins ‘with napkin dispenser fold’.

The machine is based on vacuum-fold technology as well as traditional mechanical folding machines.

It produces napkins in sizes 20x20cm to 30x30cm and can be coupled with packaging machines of various types.

It reaches a maximum speed of 300 metres per minute for a production of 4/6000 napkins a minute.

Roberto Perego, technical manager at the tissue converting machines division of OMET, said: “Compared to 50 minutes spent on the standard exchange format with other machines, the FV Line runs the job change in two minutes.”

The line offers “superior performance with regard to the electronic on-board equipment and management of the production process”, according to the business.

It is 4.70 metres high and is protected by a cabin that increases safety and prevents the operator from touching any hazardous part.

This is fully controllable from the operator panel on which it is possible to set the size of the towel.

The FV Line is a modular machine with different groups in combination (embossing, folding, printing).

It offers customers extensive customisation options and can be configured to process inline a mother paper roll with width of 1,200mm or two rolls of 600mm placed side by side.