Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Innventia has launched a project within the field of tissue paper that will focus on product properties and different aspects of tissue paper.

The project is part of the paper and pulp research institute’s Cluster Research Programme and will involve pulp manufacturers, their suppliers and tissue manufacturers.

The research will start in a laboratory and will then continue with beta tests in larger scale either in pilot and full scale mode.

Mattias Drotz, project manager, told TW: “The main focus within this new cluster is on product functionality (mechanical and absorption properties) and process (more efficient dewatering, improved fibre management, dusting etc) for low grammage products.”

There are six participating companies involved in the cluster, mainly from Europe and South America, but Drotz declined to mention which companies where involved.

The research is industry funded and by governmental resources primarily for method developments.

He added: “One key aspect is that the content is adapted according to the participating companies, so that the results really do meet future needs in terms of problem-solving and development.

“Together with suppliers, customers and competitors, we are carrying out research in order to build up knowledge that will move technology forwards.”