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PT. Suparma signs for new tissue line

Indonesian tissue producer PT. Suparma has signed for a new Metsosupplied tissue line that targets cost efficient high-quality tissue production.

It will be installed at the company’s mill in Surabaya and start-up is scheduled for 2014. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

The new line will have a width of 2.75m and an operating speed of 1,600m/min.It will add another 25,000 tonnes per year of bathroom tissue, towel grades and diaper tissue to the company’s existing production for the Indonesian market.

Raw material for the new production line will be virgin fibre and recycled fibre.

Lanny Bernadette, director at PT. Suparma, said: “Since 2007 we have used 96% of our existing tissue machine capacity and this has forced us to install a new machine in order to develop our market.

“We decided to place an order with Metso because quality is essential for us and we believe that Metso have an advanced technology that will certainly produce a high-quality tissue product.”

Delivery will comprise a complete high-speed tissue production line featuring an Advantage DCT 100 tissue machine equipped with an OptiFlo headbox, a Metso cast iron Yankee cylinder and an Advantage AirCap Yankee hood.

Metso will also supply a part of the stock preparation equipment. The delivery will include basic engineering or the new tissue machine and services for installation and start-up of the machine.

PT. Suparma was founded as a paper and board producer in 1976. The company established its first tissue machine in 2007.

It supplies high-quality board, laminated wrapping kraft and tissue paper to the Indonesian market as well as the Asian, Australian and African market.

It employs 1,800 people and produces a total of 190,000 tonnes of paper per year.



APP to leapfrog to global tissue top spot with Chinese, Indonesian investments

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has rolled out an aggressive expansion plan that will see it leapfrog Kimberly-Clark, SCA Hygiene Products and Georgia-Pacific to become the world’s top tissue producer by 2015.

Following last year’s astonishing announcement it would build 42 tissue paper machines with a whopping combined capacity of nearly two million tonnes/yr in China, APP has unveiled plans to erect 15 large tissue machines with a combined capacity of 900,000 tonnes/yr at two of its mills in Indonesia.

An APP senior executive said that 14 out of the 15 units, all having a capacity of 60,000 tonnes/yr, will be installed at its Perawang mill on the island of Sumatra.

The remaining PM will go to its Jambi site, also in Sumatra.

He added that the company has so far ordered six of the 5.6 m-wide PMs from A Celli for the Perawang facility. Construction work at the site has kicked off, paving the way for their

The first PM is slated to come on stream in November, followed by the start-up of the second in December.

The rest of the four A Celli machines are planned to be commissioned in January, February, March and May next year, said the contact.

APP is still negotiating with suppliers for the other nine machines.

The one to be erected at the Jambi plant will be decided on next, as its startup is scheduled for June 2014.

The remaining eight PMs in the pipeline for the Perawang site are expected to come online between mid-2014 and 2015.

The start-up of the 15 PMs will boost APP’s total tissue capacity in Indonesia from 584,000 tonnes/yr now to 1.484 million tonnes/yr by the end of 2015.

In China, the company is moving on with the previously announced expansion scheme. Out of the 42 planned new PMs, two 60,000 tonne/yr A Celli machines were commissioned at its Haikou complex in Hainan province in February and March, which takes the firm’s total tissue capacity in the country to 892,000 tonnes/yr.

The remaining 40 PMs are planned to be installed at APP China’s other sites, and are expected to come on stream in the next three years.

Their commissioning will bring the firm’s total tissue capacity in China to 2.764 million tonnes/yr.

Presently, APP’s total tissue capacity reaches 1.476 million tonnes/yr.

It is the fourth largest tissue producer in the world after Kimberly-Clark (3.777 million tonnes/yr), Georgia- Pacific (3.457 million tonnes/yr) and SCA Hygiene Products (2.525 million tonnes/yr), according to RISI World Tissue Capacity Report 2012.

If APP stays on course to build the remaining machines as planned, its total tissue capacity will amount to 4.248 million tonnes/yr in 2015, overtaking the existing top three and becoming the world’s top tissue producer.

The capacity report forecasts that Kimberly-Clark’s global tissue capacity will dip slightly to 3.735 million tonnes/yr by 2015.

That represents a shortfall of 513,000 tonnes/yr on APP’s planned 4.248 million tonnes/yr.

This means that even if some of the planned APP machines do not start up as scheduled due to late deliveries of equipment, construction delays or labour shortages, which are not uncommon problems in China and Indonesia, APP is still likely to become the world’s leading tissue manufacturer in three years time.

In-house virgin fibre edge: APP’s inhouse fibre supply is a key factor behind the ambitious tissue expansion. The APP executive pointed out that the firm is now essentially self-sufficient in pulp and has hardly any need of purchasing it from the market.

The Perawang and Jambi mills are both fully integrated, having a combined bleached hardwood kraft (BHK) pulp capacity of around 3.5 million tonnes/ yr, including both wet and dry pulp.

The Haikou complex, also fully integrated, can churn out 1.8 million tonnes/yr of BHK pulp.

The contact said the firm will continue to carry out an ongoing debottlenecking programme to upgrade the pulp lines at the Perawang facility, with the target of boosting its BHK capacity from the current 7,500 tonnes per day to 8,000 tonnes per day in the near future.

APP’s bleached softwood kraft (BSK) pulp furnish is mainly imported from North America and Europe. Much of the pulp is produced by Paper Excellence, which has acquired several pulp mills in the past few years.

Paper Excellence has bought five pulp mills in Canada: the 270,000 tonne/ yr BSK Pictou facility in Nova Scotia; the 330,000 tonne/yr Prince Albert BSK facility and the 400,000 tonne/yr Meadow Lake chemi-thermomechanical pulp mill, both in Saskatchewan; and the Mackenzie and Howe Sound mills, British Columbian properties that can produce 235,000 tonnes/year and 400,000 tonnes/yr of bleached softwood kraft pulp respectively.

Paper Excellence’s French affilliate, Fibre Excellence, runs two pulp mills it acquired from Tembec: the 305,000 tonne/yr Saint-Gaudens hardwood kraft pulp facility and a 260,000 tonne/yr softwood kraft pulp plant in Tarascon.

Last month Paper Excellence struck a deal with Tembec to acquire its 270,000 tonne/yr Skookumchuck BSK facility in British Columbia. Pending regulatory approval, the deal is expected to close in the second quarter.

All the tissue machines APP operates in China and Indonesia use virgin fibre as furnish to produce high quality tissue products.

It has occasionally bought bamboo pulp on the market and mixed it with wood fibre for certain products, such as kitchen rolls.

PMs modified: Back at the Perawang site, APP had previously run 17 tissue machines with a combined capacity of 372,000 tonnes/yr.

But the firm recently modified two 20,000 tonne/yr units, converting them to the manufacture of machineglazed paper, used in packaging of gift, food and fruits.

Each of the machines can produce 12,000 tonnes/yr of the grade after the revamp.

News from RISI (www.risiinfo.com)


Yunnan Yun-jing to install high-quality tissue line

China’s Yunnan Yun-Jing forestry and pulp mill company is to boost its product range after it announced it will install a complete tissue production line.

Metso will supply the line to the company’s Jinggu County mill, where it will produce high-quality tissue products.

The new line will have a width of 2.85m and an operating speed of 1,870m/min, with a yearly production of 30,000 tonnes of bathroom tissue for the Chinese market.

Raw material for the new production line will be virgin fibre from the company’s own pulp mill.

Start-up is scheduled for mid 2014 and the value of the order was not disclosed.

The producer’s deputy manager, project management, Chen Xueping, said: “This will be the most advanced tissue machine with the highest capacity and product quality and the lowest energy consumption in the Yunnan Province.

“The new tissue line will integrate tissue making to Yunnan Yun-Jing’s current business and will supply high-quality tissue to the Yunnan market.

“We are convinced that the new line will improve our competitiveness and support our market expansion.”

Metso’s delivery will comprise: a complete high-speed tissue production line featuring an Advantage DCT 100+ tissue machine equipped with an OptiFlo II TIS headbox, an Advantage ViscoNip press for improved press dryness, and a Metso special alloy cast iron Yankee cylinder with an Advantage AirCap Yankee hood.

Metso will also supply stock preparation equipment and Metso DNA automation and Metso IQ quality control systems.

Yunnan Yun-Jing Forestry and Pulp Mill Co. Ltd is an agricultural enterprise in Yunnan Province.

The company operates in the forestry and coal mine businesses and is the holder of one million acres of forestry land.

Yuen Foong Yu orders four Intell-Tissuetm 1500

Yuen Foong Yu (YFY) has ordered four Intelli-TissueTM 1500 machines from PMP Group as it continues along its substantial expansion path.

The company has invested over US$260 million in Taiwan and China and is planning a dynamic increase of its household paper machines to double its current production capacity, reaching 420,000 tonnes.

PMP will deliver four new complete Intelli-Tissue® 1500 lines ensuring 108,000tpa total capacity increase. The business has previously delivered three TMs for YFY’s Beijing and Yangzhou mills.

The new 2.8m width CF tissue machines will have an operating speed of 1,600m/min. They will produce virgin fibre-based tissue in the basis weight range at reel from 13-31.3gsm for conversion into facial tissue, toilet rolls and kitchen towels.

The scope of supply covers stock preparation, entire tissue machine (Intelli-Jet V® headbox, Intelli-Former® Crescent Former, Intelli-Press® with 16’’ YD and high efficiency steam hood and Intelli-Reel®) including auxiliary systems. YFY paper brands include Mayflower, Tender and Delight.

Through production expansion and product line extensions, YFY’s goal is to be ranked in the top five tissue producers in China.



Marutomi invests in a Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer

Japanese tissue producer Marutomi has boosted its production speed after it invested in a Toscotec Steel Yanke Dryer to replace its existing 12ft Cast Iron Yankee.

The TT SYD-12FT (PM 1) features a crescent former configuration with a sheet width at pope reel of 3,140mm and will be installed at the company’s Fujine mill in Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture. It will be installed by the end of 2013.

Founded in 1955 with one 1.2m wide tissue machine and nine employees, Marutomi now has 13 TMs.

It manufactures bath tissue from recycled paper and has grown into one of Japan’s largest producers of toilet rolls with a market share that it estimates to be around 14%.

It uses 100% recycled fibre; 95% of its production is toilet tissue and the remaining 5% is facial tissue.