Tissue World Magazine

Apex North America has been granted its first US patent for its Genetic Transfer Technology (GTT).

The GTT Anilox technologies have been recently introduced into the niche towel, tissue and napkin market.

The company has also appointed newcomers David Root, David McBeth, Mark Sherk and Douglas Burich to spearhead its American business.

Root concentrates on the towel, tissue and napkin sector. He told TW: “GTT was developed as a viable solution from the standard conventional cell anilox geometry.

“It is in the early stages of testing in the industry with thus far excellent feedback and results.

“We are monitoring the progress which takes time with collecting feedback and data … all indications are very positive.”

He added that GTT can improve the print quality of towel and napkin printing, and benefits also include more effective ink lay down, increased print latitude, reduced misting and easier to clean.