Tissue World Magazine

Voith has targeted the tissue market with the launch of its new MasterJet Pro T headbox.

With this headbox, the company said “an excellent quality level with minimum energy consumption” is reached, and that it works reliably under most demanding conditions.

The company said: “All required adjustments can be set precisely and are designed for long-term stability.

“The 2- or 3-layer headbox configuration ensures excellent purity between the layers without the risk of streakiness.”

With MasterJet Pro T a higher consistency of the suspension in the headbox can be achieved, without any negative impact on the paper formation.

“This way energy is saved both in the approach flow system as well as in the former section. The headbox requires low maintenance and allows easy access for cleaning.”

Additionally, OnQ ModuleJet actuator technology can be installed for the best possible basis weight cross profiles.

Voith promises “minimum energy consumption” with its MasterJet Pro T launch